Hello my friend, you have found the way to my open place.

I have started this blog late 2015, after I quit my first job as an engineer and traveled to Australia, New Zealand and the USA. This blog was going to be an open journal, for myself in the future but also for everyone who wanted to follow. A place where I share how I experience life, in light and in darkness. For me, it has become much more, so see for yourself :).

For now, I have stopped travelling, and I am studying philosophy in Vienna, Austria. After many changes and inputs, I felt the need to have some consistency. Philosophy has been a big influence on me the past year, so I want to learn more about it. Also, it will help me with my writing and thinking and give me some space, to deepen my practices in mediation and journaling. I have also set myself the goal, to join workshops or courses, in areas where I want to get better, like poetry, coffee making, journalism and more.

For recent posts, click here. In the Adventure section, I share some the trails I have been on, from Australia, New Zealand, USA to Europe. Beside my travels, I meditate on my experience and books or articles I read, which some you find at the section “Mind”.

I hope you enjoy my stories and feel free to contact me on any topic. And in case you want to be informed of updates, enter your Email address and click “Follow” at the bottom.

Bliss and Love, Seb