Hello my friend, you have found the way to my open place.

I have started this blog late 2015, after I quit my first job as an engineer and traveled to Australia, New Zealand and the USA. This blog was going to be an open journal, for myself in the future but also for everyone, to share with you what I am experiencing and learning. A place where I share how I feel and see my life, in light and in darkness. It has become so much more until now, so see for yourself :).

For recent posts, click here. In the Adventure section, I share all the trails I have been on, from Australia, New Zealand, USA to Europe.

I found the love in writing and reading and this gives me a platform where I can do both.
Most importantly, I hope I can help you! There are many ways, in giving you advice on a hike I did, if you want to read something while drinking your coffee or because you also want to share something and don’t know how.

I hope you enjoy my stories and feel free to contact me on any topic. And in case you want to be informed of updates, enter your Email address and click “Follow” at the bottom.

Bliss and Love, Seb