Hello my friend,

you found the way to my open place. A place where I share how I feel and see the beauty of being alife 🙂
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I started this Blog in November 2015, after I quit my first job as an engineer and traveled to Australia, New Zealand and the USA. My goal was to feel the freedom, connect back to nature, get to know myself and to hike, a lot. In the “Adventure” section, I share all the trails I have done and hope I can be a little help if you plan your own like a  6-day hike on the Bibbulmun Trak and 5-day hike, the Cape-to-Cape in Australia. More followed in New Zealand and in March 2016, I started and completed after 5 months and one day the Pacific Crest Trail, a 4400km long distance trail through the incredible backcountry of California, Oregon and Washington.

As I returned home end of 2016, I thought I needed to go back to work as an engineer as I did after college. In March 2017 moved to Switzerland, started working, hiked a lot and met amazing people who deeply touched me and transformed my life. In June 2018, I quit again (click for the why).

So, what happened next? As explained in several posts, I am opening myself to the world and be aware and follow my passions. Being in the outdoors, share my love and thoughts, help others and try to make the world a better place. End of 2018 I went to India to get a deeper understanding of Yoga and myself. And from 2019, I start my new way of living my life by helping others and share my love for nature and interest in people’s lives. I volunteered as a hiking guide, as the money we earn supports a school and finances a kids home in Guatemala. In many ways, it shaped me and gave me ideas for the future. In the summer, I came back home for my sister’s wedding and to hike across the Austrian Alps, since I wanted to see more of my home mountains and hike together with my friends.

For now, I am back in Guatemala, to support a sustainable tourism initiative called  Authenticity Travel and to immerse myself deeper in the culture of Guatemala.

I love to share with you my life, which helps me to find the confidence to be me, stand for my values and feelings.
I found the love in writing and reading and this gives me a platform where I can do both.
Finally, I hope I can help you! There are many ways, in giving you advice on a hike I did, you want to read something while drinking your coffee or because you also want to share something and don’t know how.

I hope you enjoy my writings and feel free to contact me on any topic.

Bliss and Love, Seb