48 Days left..

Since July I have been planning this trip. After traveling 2 weeks in June with my brother through Nevada, Arizona and California I just realized there is not enough time to really enjoy the beauty of nature in the west of the USA when having a full time job. Seeing a sign of the PCT in Yosemite, I remembered myself hearing about a trail which goes from Mexico to Canada. I spent my last night in San Francisco  researching about the PCT and downloaded some books on my kindle for the flight back to Germany. Since then… the plan hiking the PCT never got out of my head.

So should I wait until April 2016? No, I can’t. I was driven by the plan to get out, into the nature, out of society, out of all what surrounds one and keeps one away from the wild. Out of Job which wasn’t fulfilling me but was beginning to waste time of my life, time you never get back. Sure, I would love spending time with friends and do my sport, but it’s not enough.

Australia and New Zealand are also on the top of the list of places i wanted to see so i decided to fly there before starting the PCT. On one hand, I can still earn some money for the time on the trail and on the other hand, I can go to places where I haven’t been before. Especially hiking trails on the south island made me convinced to fly to both countries.

So here I am know, counting days until I step onto a plane which brings me to the other side of the earth and counting the months until April 2016 when I’ll start hiking the PCT where I’ll finally just be free in the nature.


1 thought on “48 Days left..”

  1. Not sure I should have brought you to the South West after all…;-)
    Well it’s surely.getting to.start.feeling real….
    Looking forward.for more posts!


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