Sister and brother. Family first.

Before leaving for my trip it is important to me to spent some time with my family. Sure, I am only 1 year gone but who knows what my plan is later (even I’m not sure :D).

Last weekend I flew to London to visit my sister. We both live now quite apart so the only time we see each other are holidays at home or once a year when we visit each other. We are used to it since we both studied abroad and she has been living for 2 years in England. Since I have visited London already several times I had enough time to see all the important sights. So this time it was just about spending time with my big sister 🙂

On Saturday we went to a really nice food market on Maltby Street. A big variety of self made and quality food from burgers, sandwiches and pastries. If you ever in London, it is definitely worth to try 😉 We also went to the Borough Market which is more famous and bigger but also quite overcrowded. With our stomachs filled, we walked along the Thames and later through Chelsea.
For the night we went to two really awesome bars. In both were a piano and singer where they played some famous and new songs. Check out Piano Kensington!

Since we’ve been out quite long, the Sunday was more quite 🙂 We slept in, had breakfast and enjoyed a sunny Sunday playing mini golf in the park. Later in the afternoon I met a friend which I studied together in California. There are many great Coffee places. Search for the best places close to you on google! Which I can suggest are Kaffein and Taylor St. Barista. The Sunday evening we spent watching American Football. Monday noon I flew back to Hamburg


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