“See u again” rather than a “Goodbye”

Hey Guys,

It’s been quite the last weeks, sorry for that. I have been planning a lot the past weeks and I had my “Goodbye-Party” last Saturday. But it is never a goodbye. I don’t know when but I will see each of you, with who I spent an amazing time in Hamburg, again 🙂

The idea of saying “See u again” instead of “goodbye” came from one friend who studied with me in California. We were a big group of international and local students and sadly I haven’t seen every one yet again but many have managed to meet again all around the world. Sure, it is easier to visit friends in Europe like those in the US but next year I hope to see as many friends as possible again!

I have know only 7 more days to work but there is a lot more to organise. Packing stuff (in hope to find everything I need for my trip again), meet up with friends again and enjoying great restaurants in Hamburg (and of course the best burger in town 🙂

Im getting many questions of how I am feeling. Am I nervous, satisfied, sad etc. Seeing many friends for the last time for a while makes me sad of course (no comment steffen!!!) but I will always remember our time together. It is nice how everybody is interested in my trip and thinks it is a great idea and that also motivates me.
But over a month know, I’m catching myself in moments where I am just happy. Happy about the decision I made. Happy about the people I’m going to meet and their stories I’m going to here/share. Happy about those upcoming days, weeks and month of time in the nature and especially the Pacific Crest Trail. The time on the trail seems still so far away, but the time in Australia and New Zealand will pass by so fast (sadly). But soon, I will get out of my friends car, take some pictures, give her a big hug and take my first steps on the PCT.


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