Always setting new goals

Already in the plane I met a really interesting men from Austria, Günther, who is on the way to Vietnam. With an organised tour, he’s is mountain biking trails in the forests which where used from the Guerillas in the Vietnam War to moved their troupes and military equipment. They were unknown from the american troops which were surprised how they can switch there locations so fast.

He told me also about his travel to a group of islands south of India. Most of the islands are completely untouched and inhabited by the natives. They fight against the settling of other humans with arrow and bows. Even after the tsunami in 2004 they never took help from the government. On one hand because they want to stay independent on the other maybe of fear they have to pay something back. He is fascinated about their strength and willingness to stay independent even in case of need and I am too.

But what I am most impressed is that even with 76 years he never stops with setting new goals. This year he started a new one: to bike along the Austrian border (not in once but around 200km sections). He has been to all over the world and never forgets that there is also beauty in front of his door. I hope I will never forget that.

Beside all the great experiences I will get on my journey, stories of people Im going to meet are special. With their approval, I want to share those stories and I hope you will enjoy them as I do.


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