I like the meaning of this word. Serendipity (ein glücklicher Zufall): the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or pleasant things not sought for.

When your travelling without an big plan you hope to have many of those moments and those are making your trip special and unforgettable. So let me tell you about my days just going south of Perth without a plan 😉

I chose to head south for two days to get out of the town. A friend told me about Dunsborough where you find beautiful beaches. So, I took the bus from Perth to Dunsborough and when i stepped out I got what I was looking for:

Meelup Beach

Endless beaches and clear blue water. Since the hostel was on the north/east of the bay I planed to hike across the half-island to enjoy the sunset the next day. Also, it would be my first longer day  hike (12km) and first night camping on the beach.

I shared the room with a very friendly Australian men who after offering me his SUP Board for a ride also offered me a lift to the other side. So, I accepted and switched my day hike with a lift with his car. I got to the beach in the morning I had the whole day relaxing and looking for the perfect spot to camp.


My first moment of “serendipity” I can say and it just brought me to the next one 🙂

After swimming along the beach i ran back and two lovely Australian asked me if I knew that there has been a shark before in the bay. I remembered the helicopters flying above the bay and they told me they were scaring of the shark. Oops 😀
We kept talking and as I mentioned that I planed to camp on the beach they offered me stay with them. Moment number two.

You see, you can’t plan everything. Especially in a country, which is know for their courteous citizen  you should give yourself a little push to let the magic happen. It won’t work out every time but that’s part of the adventure.
So for the first time, thank you very much to the two lovely Australian for this unforgettable experience and thanks to serendipity to let it happen!


1 thought on “Serendipity”

  1. L’ordinateur de bonne maman traduit automatiquement pour elle; ah ces Francais!!!

    Hast du eine Ahnung, was es dir kosten wird, die Haie von deinem Swimming pool per Hubschrauber vertreiben zu lassen ? ;-)))
    I love the sound of the word serendipity;

    Weiter schoene Reise, Grüesse an die lovely Australians…and take care!


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