Bibbulmun Track Part 1

Hey guys,

if your following me also on Facebook you may know that I went for my first real multiple hike on the Bibbulmun Track in Western Australia. I hadn’t reception all the time and was pretty tired after every day but I still wrote down some thoughts every day.

Since I’m heading out tomorrow for my next trip (Cape to Cape) I have no time yet to update the pages about Australia. But after, I will take some time to tell you more about the Bibbulmun Track and the C2C (and for each a clip with some impressions of both tracks).
Feel free to ask any questions on this post and I hope I can answer them you as soon as possible 🙂 and sorry for the grammar mistakes in the following text but I was sometimes a bit tired from the day :p

Day 1:
Finally, the day has come where I start my first multiple day hike. I used the bus to Kalamunda and took my first steps on the trail around 10am. I walked together with a women who is waiting for a friend who’s finishing the whole track today. After we ran into her and had a little talk i went on. The bag was heavy: 9 days of food (about 800g/day), 4L of water and the gear.. in total around 15-17kg go guessed. I felt the weight pretty fast on my hips and shoulders but after a while my body got used to it. Arriving the first shelter (12km) pretty soon I decided to had for the next on (+10km). I walked mostly through the forrest and arrived at a weir and little town. I talked with the owner of a hotel and he told me that because of the high bush fire risk any open fire (like my selfmade stove) is prohibited at the moment. Great, cold meals for 9 days…I arrived at the camp a hour before sunset, ate my dinner, set up my tent and then felt just alone…
The first time in my life, I was completely by myself, out in the bush/forrest, hearing only the sound of the animals, no phone reception, just me. And it felt awfull. It was a mixed feeling of loneliness, fear, unsure how I can finish my goal. I decided to go to bed and I felt asleep in seconds.



Day 2:

I don’t know why, but all the bad feelings from yesterday were gone. I remembered waking up during the night and seeing the starry sky through the net of my tent and losing all the uncertainty from before I went to bed. I love looking to the sky at night and being away from all the light which hides all the stars was great. Many time i have the thought that this particular stay I’m looking at, is so far away, it could be already gone and the light still travels through space to me. Time, distance and so also speed is so relative. Im walking 200km in 8 days other people pay money to travel to Germany to drive this distance in less than a hour. But I will write more about my thoughts in another post. I started with a good feeling. Since most camp site are each 15km from each other away, I planed to hike my first +30km. On the way I walked through more forrest, saw my first and many more kangaroo and arrived around 4pm at the site which had a beautiful view. Like the night before, I unpacked my stuff, cleaned my feet (really important to take care of them), ate dinner, set up my tent and the loneliness was back. All the confident from the morning was gone and I started to think to exit the trail sooner. Since I had service this time, I checked the connections and saw that I can take a bus back to Perth at the end of day 5. I was kind of disappointed by myself to not completing what I planned but it just not felt that great.


Day 3:

Feeling less confident like the morning before, I left for another +30km hike. My legs are feeling great and I have just to adjust my backpack sometimes to shift weight between shoulder and hips. The walk was not really special and I felt more sure about the plan leaving the track sooner.
Almost at the end of day 3, I luckily ran into the female hiker who took a rest but are also staying at the same camp site. I was glad to not spending time alone again and would be even more happier about it later on. One was a young girl and the other one a women who was friends with the parents of the girl. She used to hike/travel a lot and I had fun time with both. I told her about my feelings and she said it is total normal for the first days and it will get better. Feeling more confident I thought I should really finish the whole section. I started also to think more about the past where I used to start new thing or a better habit but never really accomplished them…
My year away should also help me to get more confident and especially the Pacific Crest Trail will help me with that. I also thought that the PCT will also not be always amazing and have to get trough unpleasant times.


Day 4:

I got up early because on this day i had to mountains to climb. For the records, Mt. in Australia means an elevation starting at 500m, so its not really a mountain for those who are used to hike in the alps (sry aussies ;). I said goodbye to my two roomies from last night and went on. Before reaching the mountains, I stopped at a site for a lunch break. Plan was to hike both tops in the afternoon when its colder.
So, I packed out my stuff, undressed (hey, nobody is there so nobody cares) and wanted to wash my underwear as something moved next to me. My first snake im seeing in Australia… I moved back slowly and it just lifted the head. Since i wanted to wash my underwear… i was standing there just in a shirt and flip-flops, the black snake and mine, face to face 😀 I went around the shelter, dressed up, packed my stuff and left. A snake is not the best company when your having a lunch break…A bit shocked I stopped couple km later on trail and started walking up the hills.. ups sry mountain at the mid day heat. As I reached the summit the next shock. I smelled smoke and part of the area is half burned down. I walked slowly further and saw little flames and smoke. I can’t believe it. After my short interaction with the snake the next scary thing. I checked the bush fire warning app and since the it has no updates I called the hotline. After telling them where I am they told me this area burned down weeks ago and it’s normal when big tree chunks are still smoking. Getting over my second little scary moment I moved on and saw another hiker coming truth and my Aufregend day is getting more exciting. The men is just going to hike to the shelter with the snake because he got evacuated by the time of the bushfire and he wants to finish this part. Later he will go the same direction im going. Happy about about some company, it is getting much better. After talking about his and my plans he told: “Well, its your lucky day, your talking to a triple crowner.” (Triple Crown: Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, Appalachian Trail and the Continental Divide Trail, the three big long distance trails in the US)
I cant believe it. Here, in Australia, on the Bibbulmun Trail, a section which is the less interest one in a season were almost nobody hikes (to hot, bush fire danger etc.) I met somebody who finished the Pacific Crest Trail and the two big trails. Since we both will overnight at the same camp site we head off our ways and talked later the day.


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