last days and just got the feeling to write

You know those moment, you sit somewhere, drink your coffee or tea, listen to chill music and the moment is just perfect?

Well, its right now for me. I am starting to recapture the time in Australia and there is a lot to think/write about. Hope its not getting to boring for you 😀 So sit back, make you self a drink and start reading. If you know me, just imagine I am sitting next to you, in this cool place and having a chat about travelling.

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Since I’m travelling mostly to be more for myself, to get t know myself better it has been an up and down sometimes. Arriving at the east coast with plenty of time in the beginning I was more relaxed and could plan from day to day what I’m wanting to do. That has been changed since I’m on the east coast because you have to check bus hours, hostels ratings, tour itinerary etc. and I’m remembering a bit my trip to india where we head from one city to the other. Now, with the last days in front of me and kinda waiting until i can finally sit down in a A380 (I am not kidding.. this is the only flight I booked prior with the travel agency and its with emirates.. and at the moment the flight status shows I’m flying with an A380.. I can to believe how this is profitable but I’m getting off topic).
Im starting to chill more again, calm down and don’t get to stressed from travelling and iI am really happy about that. Still, I have some To-Do’s to find a job in NZL but I won’t let me stress to much 🙂
The best time was still on the trails.. where I head form on campsite to the other, not worrying about costs, hostel reviews, finding free wifi and purchasing a cheap ticket for the bus. On the trail, where I really had time for myself and my thoughts.
But still.. travelling is also about meeting new people and learn about local manners and I am happy to met some people I could really connect with and hopefully stay in touch with.

Did something changed?

I got noticed from close friends that I changed (to the good way 😉 after moving the Hamburg and I felt that too. That took me about 2 years, worrying less about unimportant stuff and still I was driven sometimes by external influences. Only the decision to quit my job and now travelling for 2 month helped me to grow my personality like the 2 years before. Looking forward to see how people close to me react after meeting me again and you know, I still have to hike 4200km 😀

Did I learned something else?

I don’t really like to generalise people but meeting so many backpackers in hostels you kinda get to know how to sort those out who have the same thoughts as you do. A big group of travellers just avoid being at home, looking for a job and party a lot. Sure, I don’t criticise them since its their life but I don’t have to hang around with them. But luckily, there is also a huge amount of mindful persons, who enjoy the nature and avoid crowded touristy places and want to get a feeling for this country and its lovely residents.

Research… I haven’t done much of it since I want to decide on the go but It would saved me a lot more time and money. I like being on the coast but many places are just to overloaded. Since I don’t bought a car, I travelled by bus which of course stops only at places where travellers are heading to.

And what’s next?

A big dream and plan was to explore the south island of New Zealand with its amazing landscape and mountain range. Since the east coast cost me more then a I planned, I want to find a job to not eat all of the crumbs of my savings and to have time to explore the area. This will of course cost some effort and time but I hope to get a bit lucky so I don’t waste to much time on it. I talked with various people who have been in NZL about my plans and they thought I will have no problem with that.

My advice
Depending if you want to avoid to many touristy places, save money and enjoy the nature

Get a car or motor bike, pack your camping gear and head off. If you want some company there a more humans looking for a ride then offering one. If you want time for yourself, just do it.
I met for example somebody in Perth who has his motor bike and he drove all along the coast stopping at campground to overnight. Now his plan is to head over to Europe with his bike and ride all through it in the warmer month. Guess, I have to get my licenses someday 😉


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