2 Days which changed my plans in NZL

Finally, my time in New Zealand starts and I felt really great after I stepped out of the plane and saw the mountains. I have heard from a couple people that Auckland is not the nicest city, so I was happy about my decision heading directly to Queenstown.

Arriving there, I had only one night in a Hostel and had to go on a campground for the next 3 days. Luckily, a friend from Canada (Christopher) who i met on the Fraser Island Trip arrived the same day and stays in Qtown for a week. After we met, we figured out that we wanted to get out of the city and decided to rent a car for the next two days.

Since our arrival, the weather was still cloudy and sometime raining and we planed to just drive north to Wanaka and the Mount Aspiring National Park. The drive was beautiful and I started to realise, having a car brings you to place you can’t go without.


Note: My first plan was to stay in Qtown for about 2 month, work for accommodation and have a part time job to earn some money. After talking to many restaurants who were hiring I realised finding a job for just 2 month is going to be really difficult since most a looking for long term contracts (understandable).

As we went further north, we arrived in Wanaka, which is as beautiful as Qtown but just with less tourist. In Australia I met a Kiwi who’s parents live here and she also told me that it’s more local and relaxed then the adventure capital Qtown.
We got lucky to get a bit of sun in the afternoon, so Chris and I decided to go for a quick hike which offered a beautiful view over the lake. At this time we were in town, there was also an multi sport event from RedBull. We talked to the marshals on the track and I asked them for more events in this area since I wanted to participate to some runs or help out as volunteer (more about that later).
Back from the hike, we drove north along the lake and stopped at a camp site for the night.

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The next day rain woke us up early and we head further north. The rain was not getting less and the guy at the Mount Aspiring Information Centre told us it supposed to rain the whole day.
As we can’t go for a hike while raining, we thought we can still drive through the park and enjoy the view of many amazing water falls, which were of course full of water (some positive about the rain :D)



In the we turned around and went the whole way back to Wanaka. We got lucky again that the rain stopped half way and we decided to check out the highly recommended “Blue Pools”. Since we couldn’t find any pools and not even blue (only when it’s sunny) we hiked further and found a beautiful quite place with a little creek. Just hearing the sound of the water, trees and birds was so relaxing.

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IMG_5218 (1)

Since our gas cartridge was already empty and we wanted to have a warm dinner, we just went into a Backpacker Hostel in Wanaka and use the kitchen facilities. That worked out pretty well and I probably do that again if I want some more luxury 😀
I figured out later that our Campground for that night had pretty good bbq facilities too but you never now.

Heading back to Qtown the next day I thought a lot about my plans in New Zealand. I reminded me travelling along the east coast in Australia, how stressful and inflexible it was without a car and depending on the bus system. Especially here, I want to get to a hiking trail, camp on sites etc.
I finally decided to use more of my money I have on the side for when I start working again to get the experience I want/need in New Zealand.


And just the day after I bought the car (on my birthday) and figuring out where I can save more money while travelling, I got a positive respond from one of my many applications and catering service needs help for the busy season the next months. Finally, my adventure in New Zealand can start 🙂




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