One day walk in Brisbane

Searching for calm track and place in a big city can be difficult. Brisbane made a really good job to make easily to find it.

Having a river flowing through the city can make it easy possible to divide the busy city centre from parts of the city where people can relieve the pressure of the work life and noisy streets. Brisbane made a good job, having the business and restaurant district on one side and the cultural and park area on the other.


Most of the backpackers are close to the city centre where you also find the main public transports station. Start heading to the northern bridge and walk over where you will arrive at the Museum of modern Art. You probably started early and since it opens at 10am it is best to give it a visit in the afternoon. The total length of the path along the river is about 10km and really easy to walk. There are many water fountains and restrooms along the way.


After passing the art museum, theatre hall and maritime museum you will arrive at the Cliff where you can actually free climb or rent equipment to clim all the way up.


Walking over the bridge of the “State Route 15” brings you over to the over side of the city. You don’t have to stay long next to the road since stairs bringing you back to a new boardwalk along the river.


This part until reaching the botanical garden provides you with a nice view of where you have been walking before. If you started early, you will reach the botanical garden around lunch time and its really nice to have a snack and a nap in there. Even with the city in the back, you will find some quiet spots and just enjoy the moment.

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If you a real coffee lover, do a short walk into downtown and stop at “Coffee Anthology” where they serve tasty strong café and you will find yourself enjoying it between business man during their sort lunch break and some asian tourist (strange :D)


Back to the river, you can either walk over the Kurilpa Bridge (only pedestrian) or Victoria Bridge. After lots of walking, take some to enjoy the exhibitions in the GOMA (Gallery of modern Art). During my time there was a huge exhibit about Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art. Like modern art, some of it was really strange but most of the artist made really great work.

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I hope I could show you how I enjoyed spending time in the city, walking along a river, relaxing in parks, having great coffee and some cultural experience.


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