Days before the PCT 

As I stepped into the house of the family who host other hikers and me before heading to the trail, all my worries and nervousness which came up today were blown away. 

I had planned where to ship my boxes of supply, how much I need to buy and what gear I still need before but you could never plan everything. After the second day and 4 days left until I have to head back to San Diego I realized I takes much more effort and time packing. I also started to reading the Guidebook (which I should have definitely read at first) and got more advice where to sent what. 

After the big shopping day, it took one more day sorting out/packing everything, I finally was done the day before I left. Unluckily and stupid I was, I order some gear to late and end up leaving some gear at my friends place which will sent it to me on trail. 


Today was the day I had to say goodbye to my beloved friend and her family who I would loved to spent more time with and which are sending the resupply boxes to me on the trail. Thank you again 🙂

Since I rented a car for that time, I had to bring it back to San Diego and the would have been picked up by the trail Angeles “Frodo & Scout” from the airport with other hikers who are arriving in the afternoon. But already before the starting the trail I got to realize the could always happen something unexpected. A couple miles I front of me, an accident caused a highway closure and I was stuck for a couple hours. Sitting my ass off in th car (sorry for the language 🙂 I finally arrived 2h later as planned in San Diego and was lucky that there was another airport pick up at 8pm.

 I was thinking a lot about the first days on trail,how much water will be available, how far I am waking the first days and got a more and more nervous but the kindness of our host and this kinda wipe the house has with all the hikers around made me feel “save” and that I did actually all kind of preparation I need to have done. 


garage full of boxes and supplies
Now it’s time to fall asleep since I have to get up at 4:45am, get ready, eat breakfast which is provided and jump in the car with my fellow hikers who will also start Tomorrow. 

Thanks you for following my journey and I hope I can give you as many and good impression of how it is for me on the Pacific Crest Trail. 


1 thought on “Days before the PCT ”

  1. You understand why someone in the family is planing so much in advance for some events when outer influences can’t be eliminated and a deadline is important.

    about not reading the guide earlier….no.comment, except that I find it hard to believe…;-))) better now than after the trail….

    but look, it test your adrenalin production and now.all is well,.and life has taught you one more little lesson. That’s what experience and this trip are about.

    Now have a good start, with the others, and learn to question your plans before putting them into practice…and your convictions (Ueberzeugungen) without becoming an over worrier.

    We’re.sorry.we.can’t with the packages. It comes mind, last.hurried packing before a trip are” not unusual”…..

    Have a safe trip! Vaya.con dios!


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