Day 2-4: first town, strong winds and more magic

I started day two slowly and left the site by myself. I felt the first day in my legs and planned to walk around 15-17 miles where a bunch of sites and a water resource are. It was again going to be a hot day so I hiked again until midday, took a nap in the shade and finished the rest later the day. during the day I met Sonja, Steve and Phil who I also stayed with the first night.
As we crossed a car park, a men asked us if we want some cold gatorade. 2nd day 2nd trail magic. Hes name is Carl and he drives out several times to help some hikers who might be thirsty 🙂

I stopped later to take nap which puts me behind. As I arrived at the site there were more people and   We had a lot of fun. 

Day 3:
I try to find my own hiking routine and as I don’t want to walk in the heat I got up at 4:30 and left the camp first.

 I hoped to find a good spot to eat my breakfast and watch the sunrise but it was sadly behind the ridge. With 3 more fellows we arrived in mount Laguna, the first smaller town. We had to wait for the tavern to open and found a chiller box with cold beer and Coke. As the rest of the people arrived we head breakfast together  where Jim and bob, who hiked the Washington part joined us and told a lot about that section (and for me where to get the best burger 😀 

After I restocked my supply’s I left the town to get to the next campsite. It was still 10miles to go and the wind started to get stronger and cooler. I was kinda tired as I arrived at the site. Most of the otherswent further but i was not alone this night. i met holly and kelly, which one of worked on maintaining the trail. I also had my first warm drink since I am hiking without a stove (at the moment).

Day 4

 Finally, my plan worked out 🙂 I got up again at 4:30 and around 6am I stopped to eat my breakfast while watching (and recording) the sunrise. 

Sadly the wind was still really strong the whole day which made it pretty tough. I met a couple hikers I knew but walked mostly alone. The views along the ridge were amazing and at 3pm I finally arrived at the highway crossing where I decided to stop. With me Jeff, Jessica and Daniel who waited for the gentleman who he stayed with in San Diego since he has a food box for him. To our surprise he had two more boxes for other hikers which just made this day amazing. Not only he brought food he asked what else he can get for us, drove to town and brought more food.   

It is really amazing how generous and helpful the people are. Waiting for hikers, buying food/drinks and offering rides. Thank you very much so far!


1 thought on “Day 2-4: first town, strong winds and more magic”

  1. Thx for the information…Nice, it is.lively.and with the pics and blogs.of other hikers one kind of accompanies you…
    What about the rattle snake on day 1???
    Already got a.trail name.?
    I’ve.posted.about these.amazing trail angels! Sharon and Odile praise them,too.
    Alles.Gute weiter!


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