Day 5-6: desert and an awesome community 

Day 5:

After an filling dinner the night before, I started with fully loaded batteries before the others got up. On the way up the mountain in the dark, I saw the others headlamps from the distance and glowing tents. After half an hour I switched off my headlamp since the full moon was bright enough to light up the track.

The whole day we walked along the range of San Felipe Hills. We had less winds compared to the days before but that made the heat just harder. It used to be a 23miles stretch without water IF there weren’t again the amazing help of people we got not to met. Between this section they bring gallons of water to the end of a sandy road which is just a mile of the trail. Without their help it would be a lot of water to carry with us.

This day I also met Alaina, a girl from North Caroline and its really fun to talk to her. Most of the people of my group went on to the next water source which would have made it a 25miles day but I set up my tent couple miles before since I wanted some rest. I stayed by myself the night and found the first time some time to read (atm: B0rn to Run).

Day 6:

Since I fall asleep while reading on my kindle quite early i got up at 4am to start the day. I wanted also to catch up with most of my mates which were 3-4 miles ahead of me. On the way I passed also the 100mile point which I almost missed since it was still dark.

As I reached the campsite where most of the hikers went, most people I know left already to Warner Springs, which is 10miles ahead of us. In between is a really special place called, eagle rock and on the picture you can clearly see why its called like this. I was trying to find some information about the history of the rock, if its natural or carved.

It was not far anymore to Warner Springs (Mile 110), which is a welcoming hiker community with a center just for hikers. Just behind it is a daily chancing suburb, called tent city where every hiker pitch up his tent. In the Center we find hiker boxes (Food, gear etc hikers leave for others because they have to much left = more weight or they figured they don’t need this piece of gear), boxes of fruit, cafe, computers, WiFi, showers, laundry etc. After 6 days with parts in the desert and windy section it was time to shower and clean my clothes.

After my friends and I cleaned our clothes and body, we thought it’s ok to go to the only restaurant in town. It was finally time to start my burger trail and since i was really hungry, one was not enough.

The whole afternoon I spent with other hikers talking about their and my stories so far, plans and as I checked the other blogs I am following I realized on of them is also in town. Her name is Elina and sadly is has to take some days off but I’m sure she will be fine soon and back on trail! Check out her blog:

Thinking and planning in the beginning to hike as light as possible, there are also passionate hikers who want to share their love to music and take their instrument with them and play every night for them and the other hikers in town. We know how hard it is to carry a heavy backpack so thank you very much for your passion to the music and sharing it with us!

You see, with a computer its so much easier to write longer and more detailed post and I hope it was not to long 🙂 Tomorrow I am heading out again to reach Paradise Valley Cafe and later take the first detour to Idyllwild over the San Bernardino National Forrest.

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