March 22: Day 1

We are on our way. With 4 more cars full of hikers starting with me we are heading to the trailhead of the pct. 

Getting more and more excited and our driver Greg gets us pumped up with some awesome videos. He also graduated from cal poly San Luis obispo (where I studied abroad) and it’s awesome to talk with somebody about that beautiful place. Definitely meet more people who will recognize my CP cap 🙂

Plan for today is to head already to Lake Morena which is at mile 20. 

We started in a big group so it was kinda crowed in the beginning but it was nice to see the excitement in everybody’s faces. There were around 15 hikers who stayed with scout and Frodo and a nice Mix of people. Some Americans and Canadians, a kiwi, someone from Israel and 3 more Germans. I walked some parts with Fabian who did already the TA in New Zealand. 

The first couple hours were chill and perfect to walk but it was getting warmer. After 2 breaks we reached around 1pm hauser creek at mile 15. We met another group who stayed with another trail angels in San Diego and most of them went on after a break but I stayed to take a nap. It was only a short climb and 4.5 more miles to lake Moreno and I had anoth time to walk in theevening. 

It wa so much nicer to walk later and as I arrived at the campground a women brought us a full tray of brownies 😀 around 8pm most of us went the tents and listened to the sound of a guitar one hiker is carrying with him. 

after a long day I feel quite good but I have to keep in mind it’s a long way and I will force myself to take it slower 🙂

  • Pain: low
  • Backpack: still to heavy
  • Snake: two (one baby rattle snake who don’t know how to rattle, almost stepped on it)

Pictures are coming later as soon I have better reception. 

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