Day 7-11: road to paradise, detour and first zero 

Day 7:

Warner springs was a really great place to relax but it was time to head further. i had to wait for a package at the Post office, so i left around 10am and tried to catch up to my friends. Usually I try to stick to my mileage but in about 18miles is a ranch where two guys “Mike and Tom” live and welcome hikers to their place. It was a chilly day so it was perfect temperature for quite a long accent.
After about 14miles I had kind of the feeling to stop and stay by
myself but I kinda wanted to have people/friends around me that night.

It was worth it because the next 3 miles were one of my favorite part. After being surrounded by bushes and trees I got to an area with huge boulders and the clouds also faded away. I stopped at a huge boulder and climbed it up to have an amazing view.

Later I finally arrived at the ranch where every hiker was sitting around the fire and Tom and Josh (mikes not staying there anymore) welcomed us with burgers, sodas and pancakes (for donations).

Day 8:
We all got up quite late since we planned a short 15mile day. Tom was also already awak and made us all some breakfast burritos. 

Jeff wanted to know what kind of music we all are listening to on the trail so I trade my phone with his Ipod. Since I have all my maps on the phone, I had only my phone to check how far it is to the water resource where we planned to meet up together.

The water was also of trail and it happend that I passed it by 1 mile and had to walk back 😀
We had only 4 more miles to where we planned to camp so we took a long siesta since it was also getting warm.
I left bit later to avoid the heat and had to find another spot to camp since there was not enough space. Sexy-bas (canadian whos collecting for a cancer reaearch programm I ended up 200feet further and later Kelly (

Day 9:
We are on our way to paradise. We did a shorter day yesterday to have 12 miles until we get to the Paradiae Valley Cafe and to get a nice meal.
As I walked down the road to the Cafe with Sexybas, Jeff, Jessica and Teatime the clouds dissapeared and we had the first sun after hiking in the clouds.
They are a very hiker friendly cafe who I also sent my first box with my new shoes. I started witb my runners which I started in Australia with because I wanted to walk with them on the Pacific Crest Trail as well.
As the time goes by, more and more hikers arrived and there were once around 20hikers in that place.
Since there was a fire closure which results in hiking 10 miles on trail and 20 miles off until the next town Idyllwild and the weather seemed to get bad, most of the hikers hitched from the cafe to town. Sexybas, Joe (from
ohio decided to wait out the rain and walk the detour. We ended up waiting 6 hours in the Cafe and realized that the thunderstorm disspursed. At that time I had French toast, Eggs & veggies a burger, hot chocolate and two beers. We also met two lovely couples who sat next to us and shared their left overs with us 😀

As we finally left and went back on the trail, we saw a chiller
bin which wasnt there before and found a box with donuts. On the way to the campsite we passed more huge boulders and stopped at one to climb up. It took us 20min to find a saver way down and it was really fun.

Day 10:
We camped at mile 155 with Weta ( and were not sure if we push it to Idyllwild. We had a long ascent up to 7000ft (2300m) and as we walked along the ridge we knew why we went back on the trail. On the east was the desert with Palms Springs, the west was green with big forrest. This diversity of scenery makes this trail so special.
As we arrived at the closure, we followed another trail down the mountain which we went up
the 8 miles before. We took
a siesta in the shade and arrived at a campground 8miles before the town in the afternoon.

In the distance we could see big dark clouds over Idyllwild. We were still not sure if we go all
the way. Since there was no trail
anymore, we had to roadwalk a while until found a bike trail next to road. We could hear/see the thunderstorm 2km infront of
us but we only had some drizzel. 5 miles shy of the town we decided to go all the way and as we got closer the clouds went away and we stayed dry and saw two rainbows.

We got to town around 7 at night and decided to eat first. We made a good choice and had an awesome meal/burger. They actually had a 5 pound burger challenge (2,5kg) which you get for free if you finiah it but it was to late. I also Think its not the smartest idea to eat that much haha but maybe somewhere else 🙂

Day 11:
After hiking 45km we definetly deserved a zero day. Idyllwild is a small mountain town with wooden cabins, many restaurants and trees everywhere. We started our day with doing laundry at 8am and got coffe and a brownie from a fellow hiker who hiked a lot in cananda and just wantes to do something nice for us 🙂 Since I am not carrying extra town cloth, we got some spare cloth for the time we are waiting ours is clean.
After having clean cloth, it was time for a shower after 5 days of hikng. Alaina was also still
in town and met up with for lunch where we met a lovely couple whos son hiked PCT . As we asked for the check, the waitress told
us that the couple payed for it. You really don’t expect that much of help and kindness of people you barely even know. It is amazing how lovely the people are and how much they want you to make you happy 🙂
The rest of the we chilled, bought food for the next trip and had many great 1$ tacos for dinner.

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