Day 12-14: What goes up must goes down 

Day 12:
The first zero was perfect to refill my energy and a good timing since we had an 5500ft accent to hike to reach the summit of San Jacinto, the highest mountain in south California. We walked out of town to the devil slide trail and after 2h we reached the Pacific Crest Trail. As we got higher I finnaly saw some snow and there will be more on the north side of the mountain.  At the junction to the summit we dropped out bags and almost ran up the last .5 miles to the peak. 

It was already 3 in the afternoon and we actually planned to head back to the trail to find a camping spot but close to the summit is a hut and we decided to stay there overnight. two other guys we met decided to cowboy camp and I guess it was the better idea since the hut was made out of stones and I had the coldest night so far. 

Day 13:
After watching the sunset of course got up to watch the sunrise as well. Since it is the only peak around, the mountain shade the valley behind it.

Since we were at the top, we had to get down. Ahead of us an 20mile long decent of 9500ft with it felt like a hundred switchbacks. On the way down I passed the second 100ml marker and my knees/legs felt actually quite good. 

Sexybas and Joe were also alright so we decided to go down all the way. It is another 5 miles to “Ziggy and the bear”, another trail angel on the way. We got to the bottom around 6pm
and we decided to go finish at the ziggys. As the sun sets, the winds got stronger and it took us the last bit of energy to get there. We were the last who arrived and lucky us, they had some pizzs left over.

Day 14:
We are at mile 210 and ahead of us is another closure which has no official detour. I planned to hitch around it to Big Bear City at mile 265 but my friends decided to walk a detour which includes lota of road walking. I was okay with that since after hiking always with people the first day I can hike by myself.
Ziggy and the bear organized a shuttle service which brings hikers to san bernandino from where we take a bus to Big Bear. I got an early spot and left at 9am. With me 4 more hikers and as it was Cinco the Mayo we went to an mexican place for lunch instead of my usuall burger.
As i arrives in Big Bear, a friend saved me a spot in the Travelodge where more other hikers stayed. Sleeping in a real bed after 14 days in the outdoor felt really nice 😉 nbsp;


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