Day 15-19: Snow, hail, +30mile and Subway

Day 15:
The body adepts really fast to a routine and I got up around 5am without an alarm. Either I am not exhausted like the others or my body is stupid but everybody was still sleeping 😀
After a free breakfast (Bagels, cream and avocado which I bought the day before) I decided to pack my stuff and walk into town. I could already see the dark clouds ahead of me and when I was halfway it started to snow. I was feeling like a kid again, walking truth snow and catching snowflakes with my mouth. I didn’t put my thump out but two cars stopped and offerd me a ride but I was happy walking 🙂

After some resupply I got picked up by “Papa Smurf” who is a trail angel with his wife “mountain mama” in big bear and I planned staying with them.
At the house I met Blue Moon and PingPong. It was not to busy with just the 3 of us but we heard that there are 8-9 more hikers are joining us tonight.
I realized that it stopped snowing and the sun came out and as it got busier in the house I decided to leave, hitch back to the trail and camp there. Sadly, I couldn’t say goodbye to out angels but I left my donation and a note.
It was already 6 in the evening and I was lucky getting a ride by a friendly men who drove me up to the trail and offered me as well to have dinner with his family. I just took is offered for the ride.
Back on the trail, which is higher on elevation then the town, I found myself in a winter wonderland. I set up my tent, went into my sleeping bag and enjoyed the silence and being back on the trail, by myself and my mind.
Day 16:
I slept in this morning since I had no rush and it was just to comfortable and warm in my sleeping bag. The picture of the sun shining truth the snow coverd tress finally get me started and it was really beautiful to hike this part.

I hiked almost with no big break and around 3pm i did already 19miles and decided to set up my tent. Just an hour later, the clouds got darker and as I went into my tent it started to hail. Hiking and camping by just by my self give me also again the chance to read more on my ebook and write down my thoughts I have on the trail.

Day 17:
This morning I manages to get up earlier and had again some ice on my rain cover. The next section was going downhill and the forecast was great. Sun every day and warm temperatures. Since most hikers hitched further on the trail, I started to catch up with some friends. On the way I passed a couple creeks which allows to carry less water with you and cool down your feet.

In the evening I got to a beatiful place and decided to cowboy camp the first time.


Day 18:
I slept pretty good without being in my tent and it saves some time in the morning.
The first section of the day follows truth a canyon and also passes some hot springs! It was definetly good for the legs to lay them in warm water and then in cold creek water.
It was getting quite warm but I decides to hike during the day and catched up with some other friends at another creek. It was 1pm and i hiked already 18miles. After a short siesta I started again and had 10 miles more miles to get to the next water source.
Most times in the afternoon im listening to my trail playlist to keep me going and during some songs im almost dacing/singing along the trail 😀

Since I thought I had enough water I decided to head to the next water source. I started to feel a bit dehydrated and I was really happy when I found some trail Magic, which had some water and oranges with give me a good boost for the last stretch.

I stopped shortly where my friends set their camp but decided to go further and finished the day with 33miles on my watch.
I could and should have gone further, since i slept really bad at this spot but by making your own decisions you learn faster which were good or bad.

Day 19:
I slept only for 3 hours and felt really weak especially aftet that long day and not giving my body enough time to recover. I told myself I have to take more care of finding a good spot to sleep because ita the only time my body recovers.
I took longer breaks in the morning and ate more of my healthier food to give my body some time and felt better again.
But the biggest push was actually getting on top of a hill and seeing the whole valley infront of me.

I also knew that I was getting closer to another resupply stop which is kinda special.

Actually, they forgot to mention the subway as well and I got two food long (now and for dinner) with a lot of salat. I met my friends from last day back at the mcdonald where we recharged batteries and updated our Facebook profiles, blogs and Instagram accounts 🙂
We all met again 5 miles ahead and some were feeling great, some not so because of eating to much at McD 😀


2 thoughts on “Day 15-19: Snow, hail, +30mile and Subway”

  1. HI! My husband and I met you and your buddies in Idylwild and bought you lunch at the Red Kettle. Just want to let you know how much I am enjoying your blog! Please say hi to the others if you are still hiking with them! Stay safe!


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