Day 20: Wrightwood, favourite town so far

Day 20:

With the stars still shining in the sky, I left the campsite early morning. Its going to be a really warm day, so I wanted to get up the mountain when its cool and walk truth the pine tree forrest during the day. On the way up the sun rose up and gave me an almost painted landscape during the incline. Halfway I felt I needed to get lighter and its really difficult to find a spot to dig a hole of the trail when there is only the path along the mountain.
As I found a flat spot I also saw another hiker cowboy camping. As I tried to pass him quietly I woke him up and as he realised that I tried to find a spot to shit he told me a bit further he did the same yesterday and its a great feeling with this view 😀 Thats how I met “Action Jackson”.


We talked a bit after I was finished and I went back on the trail while he was packing he’s stuff. It was just 10am but the sun was already warming up the east/south side of the mountain and I was glad as I got some shade from pine trees. AJ caught up to me and we both walked until we reached a side trail which goes down to another town we are passing, Wrightwood. He had a friend from LA who’s going to pick him up to take a zero and I planned first to do some laundry and get a shower (after 5 days). But actually the first thing you do in town is going to a grocery store and you should be better not hungry because you will buy way to much.
On the way down a car passed me and a guy looked straight at me and I realised that it was “Captain” (one friend of my first group I was hiking in the beginning). He returned and told me has some family here and the others are staying at a trail angels house (Kathy). I directly texted Jeff and he told me they are about the leave. I told them I go first to store and come to their place after. Sadly it took me to long and they already went back on the trail. As I felt great I planned to catch up to them on the next section.
As I arrived at the store I ran into “Blue Moon” who I met in Big Bear and he was surprised to see me since I was almost 20miles behind. We talked a bit and since we had some stuff to do we arranged to meet up for dinner again.

My usual shopping chart without resupply for trail:
– Avocados
– Broccoli or/and Carrots
– Apple/Banana
– Hummus
– Coconut water
– Ben & Jerry’s


After a quick snack break I walked to the house of Kathy and she just arrived from dropping the others on the trail. As I was the first one she offered me that I can sleep in her daughters room but I planned to go back on the trail. The shower felt great and just before I had to leave to meet Blue Moon my cloth were dry.
Kathy recommend me to go to “The Yodeller” since they have good burgers and the owner truh hiked the pct 20 years ago.
As I got there I met Blue Moon, AJ and other hikers who came to town by hitch hiking from the road which was 5 miles after the trail AJ and I walked down. The burger was good, the beer selection was great and as the time passed by some hiker left and other joined us. Kelly, who I thought was also ahead of me joined us as well as Kate, a girl from Germany. I was lucky that I changed my mind before I left to dinner to stay a night at Kathy’s house since it was getting really late. We had a great talk about how everybody experience the trail for himself, meditate during the day or while hiking and just how to free their mind. Kate actually had no place to stay so I we both went back to Kathy’s house and I showed her where she can sleep.


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