Trail Angels/Magic: Part 1

Since Day 0 I got a lot of help for my truh hike from people I have never met in my life before. With Part 1 of this post, I want to say: “Thank you”. Even it was just giving me some food like fruits or host me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I talked with a lot of hikers and we knew that the community is big around the trail but we would never had imagine this much of enthusiasm and love in helping us during our big adventure.

Before saying thank you to each of you I want to mention my personal trail angels:
Thanks to the employees at the UPS store in Goleta (next to Santa Barbara) who store a couple of my boxes and sent them out later.

to Cora, Mike and Teri, who host me right now in Palmdale at their home. It’s so nice to see you again and hang out with you guys. Hope you liked the cookies I am just baking right now 😀

and a really huge thank you to Katie and her family. I was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of preparation I had to do for the PCT. I enjoyed the time I spent with you all so much and thank you for having me, store my boxes and sending them out. It would be a lot more effort and difficult without your help. I can’t say “thank you” enough for your help 🙂

So, as I said many times before but now a bit more precise. Thank you to….

  • Scout and Frodo, who live in San Diego and host from the first early hiker in February to late starters in June. During April and May they usually host up to 30 hikers. I got picked up from the airport and could have got dinner if I had arrived earlier. The morning every hiker who started with me got a big breakfast and they organised with other helper a shuttle to the southern terminus. Thank you for that lovely first trail angel experience!
  • Greg who volunteered on his free day to drive us from San Diego to starting point of the PCT. It was a pleasure to meet you and I wish you all the best for your adventures!
  • the lady who made a extra shelf of brownies for the PCT hikers at the first campground. She would have been one of us but sadly broke her leg before she could start. Get well soon and all the best for you hike in 2017!
  • Carl, who waited with cooled Gatorade or Icetea were we trail crossed a road. It was nice to talk to you while having a cold drink!
  • to whoever placed a big chiller box with cold sodas or beer next to the outdoor store in Mt. Laguna
  • the trail angel from San Diego at Scissor Crossing. It is his first year and he hosted a friend in SD. Since he had leftovers he told him he will drive out when he’s crossing the highway. With the food from my friend, he brought three more boxes of all kind of food. Addition to that he offers us a ride to the next town in case we need more. I drove with another hiker to town and they brought another bag of fruits/veggies, 30Cans of Budweiser and a BBQ Grill so we don’t need to use our stove. Thanks to him I had my first warm meal since I am hiking without a stove.
  • Hollywood, who hiked the trail last year and wanted to hang out with some hikers since he was at the area and shared a lot of stories with us
  • the people who take care of the water cache at mile 91. It would be a long stretch without any water resource.
  • the whole community of Warner Springs. They have a room for hikers where we can hang out, recharge batteries, use the wifi, take a bucket shower, do laundry etc etc.
  • Tom and Josh (mike was not there but it used to be his place so thanks to him as well) for having us, making us burgers, Pancakes with bacon and cheeseballs and sharing us all your stories. It was a fun night!
  • the Paradise Valley Cafe where I sent my first box
  • the person who dropped cold sodas and Donuts at Mile 155
  • Kathy and her husband who we met outside of the Red Kettle in Idyllwild. We talked a while before we ate lunch since their son hiked the PCT 2 years ago. As my friends and I finished our meals and asked for the check, the waitress told us that the couple at the bar payed for it. It was a pleasure to meet you and a big thank you again!
  • the trail angeles “Ziggy and the Bear” who host almost every hiker on the trail. Since the trail is closed ahead, they organised a shuttle service by volunteers who drive us to San Bernardino, where we take a shuttle to Big Bear City (town where the trail is reopened)
  • the trail angeles “Papa Smurf and Mountain Mama” who picked me up two times, hold my box and host me for a couple hours in their house. I would have stayed overnight but I decided to go back on the trail in the evening.
  • the people at Silverwood Lake who left a chiller box with water, popcorn and fresh fruits. The water was really much needed!
  • the community of WRightwood who are in charge of the water cache after Cajon Pass.
  • the trail angel “Kathy”. It was a great time staying with you and I wish you all the best in the future!
  • the owner of The Yodeller in Wrightwood, who hiked the in the 90ies, joined us to our conversation and gave a free round of beer
  • to driver and the couple who stopped as Pete and I hitched on State Route 2 to the restaurant
  • to trail angel Mary, who does and amazing job of bringing food, picking up hikers and bring them to town, to the next REI (which is a 100mile round trip!!!) etc. I asked her to pick me up since I got issues with my Achilles tendon.

The last group of people I have to thank so far are all the friends I made so far on the trails.  I had so many great experience and its a pleasure sharing this adventure with you all!


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