Day 27-30: section southbound and back heading north 

Day 27:

Since I left the trail 35miles before I where I wanted to stark again, i decided to hike this section in two days and go back to my friends place. After 3 zeros my legs got already soft so I needed to move! 

My friend dropped me at mile 454 in agua dulce and I met with a couple friends at a restaurant to watch the final of a soccer tournament. I went back on the trail late afternoon and started my southbound hike! I knew it’s going to be interesting hiking into all the hikers who are hiking north and those people I knew were really surprised seeing me walking in the direction. I haven’t also seen many for a couple weeks. 

That day I did 13 miles and my tendon was also feeling great. 

Day 28:

My friend is going to pick me up tonight at where I left the trail on Sunday so I knew I had to walk 23 miles. I started quite early and I was glad I did because the whole day I ran into people who asked me if I am section hiking and it always took some time to explain my reason hiking south. And of course I met people again who I knew with which I talked for a longer time 🙂 

I also counted every hiker who passed me and at the end of the day I counted 100 hikers within the 23 mile. With still 50 people starting at mile 0 it makes quite sense seeing that many people. 

Day 29:

Back at my friends place I planned to have another zero and go back on the trail on Saturday.

Day 30:
Before I get back to the trail I stayed with my friends as well because there was the german soccer cup final with my team to watch. After the game my friend dropped me at Hiker Heaven, a well known trail angel house. I actually stopped there jusy to check it out and see some friends. I had enough dayes off the trail and just wanted to be back on it.

I got a ride with a couple other hikers to the trail. It was getting already late so I did only 8 miles also knowing its 16 miles to the next famous trail angels house “Casa de Luna”.


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