Day 31-37: Desert, Green Energy And German Bakery

Day 31:

As I woke around 4:30am I already so the colors changing at the horizon and decided to stay in my sleeping bag and watch the sun rise. I fell asleep and woke up again with the sun shining into my face 😀 

Nobody and Nolina passes me and just mentioned that I am not really a early bird, what actually my trail name is. I usually get up between 4 and 5 but there are some days I just want to enjoy the morning. 

The next 16mile were not to challenging and I got to casa de Luna early afternoon. I also ran again into Kate (Footprint) who I spent some time on the tail before and she really recommend to stay there. 

Casa de Luna is a really relaxing place and it happens to hikers that they stay there for days. The Andersons, who life there, host hikers for many years and every hiker got the bandana of the year their hiking. Behind there house is a little Forrest with many tent site and it feels like being in a fairytale. 

We were a small group of hikers which is quite unusual for that place but it made it even more relaxing. For dinner we got taco salad and the next morning I got up early to be ready for pancakes. 

I would loved to stay longer but after those many days off at my friends place I wanted really to go back on the trail. 

Day 32: 

I left that magical place after having 4 pancakes with Bingo, who wanted to be with somebody while hitching. The next section of the Pacific Crest Trail is closed again and we have to either hike 12miles on the road or hitch. 

Halfway on the road was a restaurant and I decided to stop there since I wanted to do more update on my blog and have some eggs as breakfast. After that sugar flash it was good having something natural. 

Back on the trail I wasn’t really in a rush and just hiked a couple miles, took a long nap and started to hike late in the day into the night. It starts to get dark soon after sunset and since it was cloudy the full moon was covered. 

Day 33:

After hiking around the desert, it was finally time to get down the mountains and into the desert of mojave. The section is about 25 miles long until we reach the end of the valley and hike into the Tehachapi mountains. But before that, I stopped at one of the stranges places on the PCT, hiker town. If it werent a stop for hikers, you could think its a ghost town. small old houses fronts like in the old western, rusty caravans, dolls and tumbleweed rolling around outside. It would have been creepier if I would have stayed there but I hiked out at 6pm to hike the desert section in the night.

Until we reach mountains again, we walk along and on the LA aqua duct, a water canal coming from
the sierras and provide LA with more water.
After a couple miles we can walk on it because the amercian goverment closed the top due
the risk of terrorist poisoning the water. I hikes with Cashmere for a while who is a trail runner and it was nice talking to her about our same interest of running.
I was by myself around 10pm and was getting tired. Before I stopped setting up my camp I finally saw the moon rising above the horizont and because of all
the sand if was colored in red.

Day 34:
We have been super lucky with low
temperatures while walking in the desert but the next two days we will have to face another hard condition: wind.
The trail goes trough two huge big wind farms which combined are the biggest park in California. The Tehachapi Pass is always windy because of cold wind “soaked” in by the high air in the desert. It was quite challenging to hike against the wind but fun as well.

The day was full with passing tonns of wind turbines and going up the mountain leaving the desert behind us. It was windy the whole day and towards the end hard to find a good camping spot.

Day 35:
The last day hiking before stopping again at a town for resupply and a day or two off. I hiked with Lapsang down the mountain trough the wind farm until a highway where we got picked up by a trail angel. On the way Moonsong (a friend I hiked with before) ran into us since she left the trail at another road. We also met Cashmere again and we 3 got a lift into town.
Alaina, Wes and Moonsong had some
space in the room so we decided to join them at the best western which has a Hot Tub, sauna and pool!!!

Day 36:
Since I have to wait a day or two until a package is delivered to my next stop, I decided to take a day off. In Tehachapi I did my reaupply for the next stretch of 6 days (150miles) and relaxed mostly. A great place is the German Bakery which has like
every german style place in the US a bavarian decoration and food/beer from all over germany. The bread was indeed really tasty!!!

In the evening I met up with more hiker frienda for dinner and going to the movie theater.

Day 37:
I stayed another night in the best western and planned to get a ride to the trail in the morning but i slept in and decided to leave in the evening. The tempeeeture are rising the next days so I want to hike in the late evening and morning.
I went again to the bakery to
chill and met up with Kate (Footprint) who I hiked with earlier.

Now while waiting till the bus goes, I write this blog and chill
with friends 🙂 I hope to be not to soft when I am back on the trail.


4 thoughts on “Day 31-37: Desert, Green Energy And German Bakery”

  1. Hi there! This is Kathy (and Jim) – we met you at the Red Kettle in Idyllwild. Just got caught up on reading all your posts. LOVE following you and your adventures! So sorry to hear about your Achilles tendon and hope you are feeling GOOD and able to walk the amount of miles you want to each day. You take care of yourself and be safe!


  2. We are following your progress on a map while we are in California for a wedding in Temacula. The PCT is only a little east of there but you are way north now. It’s exciting to follow your progress! We wish you good weather ahead.


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