Day 38-42: Real desert, 42miles without water and fire

Day 38:

It’s Sunday and I usually sleep in on this day. No just kidding, I felt not so good as I got back on the trail yesterday so I stopped at the first nice looking camp site and decided to sleep as long my body needs to. 

The sun shone into my face and woke me up and after a couple slow miles I felt better. For half a mile I was not alone, a rabbit ran along the trail and I saw him a couple times.
 As I walked on a the dirt road I saw something blue in the bush and it was a balloon which got all the way to the top of the mountain. First I wanted to take it with me and dump it at the next trash can at a campsite but now I attached on my backpack and decided to keep it 🙂

At noon I arrived at the first water source after 18miles and took a break. As it got cooler in the late afternoon I headed back out a couple more miles until I found a nice spot to Cowboy camp. 

Day 39:

After I realized I’m sleeping next to an anthill I set up my tent quickly and felt way saver 🙂

After hiking a couple miles i walked into sequoia national Forrest park. I should have totally hiked further the day before because there where really nice tent sites. It was beautiful morning walking in the shade of big pine needle trees. I also thought I heard a bear but I haven’t seen anything. 

I hiked a bit with Dr. Feel good who I met in the morning and we heard more noises, this time the sound was higher and a howl. We decided to follow the noice and stopped as we saw a big bush shaking. I saw something black and thought of a bear but as we got closer we realized their were just cows and a bull. 

Kinda disappointed I went on and run into Overstock. I turned out to be new personal photographer since there were great spots along the trail and we also passed the 600miles where I took some fotos for her. 

At the end of my day I stopped at a campground where we have our last water source for the next 42 miles!!!!! 

Day 40:

I got up at 3am with 7l water on my shoulders. I thought the desert was over but we actually had another long section in front of us. That’s also why there is no water source the next 42 miles. 

It was a nice cool morning and I walked the first 15 miles before it was starting to get warm. I remember also the time as I was hiking in the Australian summer and it’s good to know to know if I can handle the heat.

Around noon I got to the second water cache and was lucky it was not empty. Trail Angels drive out to the trail and restock the caches with 50 gallons (~200l) of water. 

I found some shade under a Joshua tree and waited until late evening to to hike couple more miles with 600m elevation gain.

Day 41:

This morning, my mind was faster then my body and I hit the snooze button. Mistake…. Since it was still 17miles till I’m getting to a road and water source again. I started around 5:30 which is still early for some hikers but when you have to hike while 100degrees you should get up sooner. As I walked and looked down on The trail I heard some noice, looked up and saw Bambi and her mother running towards me. Right I front of me they went off trail stopped and checked me out. 

At least, the last 5 miles were downhill but that means also it’s gonna get warmer. As I reached the bottom, a trail angel set up a little hiker camp with a tarp for shade, cold drinks and snacks. 

Since I’ve got hungry the past days I ate more of my food and realized I have to hitch to the next town to resupply. I also wanted to got enough energy before heading into the real Mountains. 

A hiker who rented a car for a day stopped at the camp and offered a ride to town. I let me dropped at a diner where I heard that they have great milk shakes and of course burgers 🙂
The last 4 days was also an area where we had no reception so my phone went crazy. Action Jackson texted me that rented a house via Airbnb with other hikers and I could come over, which was also next to the diner. Before leaving the diner I asked if they want some milk shakes and was kinda hero as I arrived with all the shakes 😀

I decided to stay overnight and while chilling everybody got the news that a fire started at the  section we were going to hike next. Since we won’t make a decision the night we decided to wait for more accurate news. We watched the big lebowsky and drank White Russian 😀

Day 42:  

Since I wanted to have a nice breakfast before we are leaving the house, I made banana pancakes, scrambled eggs and bacon. Some of the hikes were planning to rent a car and go back to LA for a trail vacation and offered us to drive us to Kennedy Meadows where we can head into sierras. 


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