Day 78-88: Trailcation and getting back on track 

As I mentioned in my previous post, i had some mental problems getting back on the trail. I wasn’t enjoying it anymore and it felt more like work then fun. The plan in town was also to catch up with friends I have been hiking the first weeks and watching the latest season of game of thrones 😉 

Bliss (who I picked up with the rental car while I was trail angeling) and wanted to take the bus shuttle back north but it wasn’t running anymore. Lucky us, I gave a lot of hikers a ride while I had the rental car and as we waited an hour for a hitch, a fellow hiker called digger stopped while he was renting a car 😀 karma really exists 😉 he was also the guy who gave us a ride to Kennedy meadows as the Fire happend and he also writes for Appalachian Trials, a well know website for hiking the AT and other trails. 
We had dinner in Truckee where bliss wanted to hitch to donner pass and I to Sierra city but it was already quite late so we decided to stay overnight. It’s a really nice old town with wooden houses and a couple handcraft souvenir shops. Sadly, I can’t buy anything because I am hiking on a budget and don’t want to carry extra weight :p

The next morning we said goodbye and it took me 5 hitches and 4h to get back to Sierra city, which I left 6 days ago. 
I felt also a bit changed. I was really looking forward to get back on the trail. The next 10 miles was going just up and had to take it slow since I haven’t hiked for almost a week. 

The next days I hiked between 25-30 miles, which is still quite a lot but I just listened to my body and just hiked. 

To my surprised I caught up to some hikers I knew well and hiked a bit with them but I was doing more miles so it was a short hello. I kinda want to stick to my schedule and routine. I talked to a hiker lately and he was waiting for friends but wanted to keep on hiking. I’m sure it’s nice to hike together but I think you should have the same plans. 

As I got to the 8mile descent to Belden, I saw another hiker ahead of me and it was Digger again! He hiked some crazy miles and happens to pass me last night. We hiked into Belden and got picked up by the local trail angel. Her place has beds for 5 hikers and everything what we needed. It was nice having some trail magic again and being taking care of somebody. 

The next section of 45 miles to one of the last towns for a while starts with a 6,000ft climb for 15miles. I was looking forward for another challenge on the trail since the past miles were easier. After a couple feet up the trail I heard some branches cracking and a bear was again running away from me. It’s like back in Australia, where I realize there is a kangaroo as it jumps away. After 5,5h I got to the top and was really stocked. I wanted to push further and finished the day around 8pm after hiking 35miles and an elevation gain of about 10,000ft.

Today I had only to hike 10 miles but after 2,7 was a special spot, the halfway mark. It was my goal since Sierra City to get there and I was really happy. In 88 day I hiked 1320.7 miles (2124km) with a total up/down of 246444ft/249111ft (that’s like about climbing Mount Everest 9 times from sea level). 

I got also some motivational notes from family and friends which really gave me a push and made me realize more that I am not hiking alone at all 😉 some nights I read them again and again.  thanks for that!!!

My plan now is to get to seiad valley in about 1,5 weeks for the pancakes challenge (5pound) and then to Ashland August 1st. 


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