Don’t be controlled by your feelings 

The past week I was not writing down about how the trail is since I was thinking about lot of other things. I forced myself also to not listen to music for a while to not distract my mind. 
What follows now has nothing to do with the trail but in another way it has….

As I scrolled through my news feed on Facebook after a couple days with no reception, I saw two posts of friends. One friend expressed his sadness about what happens in Munich lately (a shooting in a fast food restaurant which has what I know so far no terrorist background) and a picture of a friend with his wife after their wedding. 

Just think for a moment for yourself how you would feel….
I was really sad and concerned as I heard first of the attack since I studied in Munich in know a lot of people who are living there. But then, after seeing the other picture of to people who found them self, love each other and decided to be together for the rest of their life, I felt happiness in me. I know, it is horrible what happens in the world and this year it seems there is every day a sad news. Sooner or later, if you surround yourself with negative news, you might start to feel and think like that every day. It is hard to not surround yourself with negative news but we can still control our feelings. 

And this leds to a second story I want to share with you. 

Yesterday, I listed to my first podcast for a week and it was about two police men in Denmark who found their own way to “fight” against terrorism and about a young men who almost became one. 

As more and more young men run away from home to join the “holy war” in Syria, the policemen didn’t know how to react with all the parents coming to them and said their son ran away. They saw in the news how most of the governments started to take away passports and answer hostility with hostility. 

They realized that there should be another way, a peaceful way and also wanted to start to talk with the local muslim community why that happens. 

Long story short, they created a center where they invite Muslim boy for a cup of coffee and with just talking and showing them that somebody listens and care about them.

The Boy for example, is from Somalia and as he moves with his parents to a small Danish community he was the first black kid. First he felt set in a wrong place but he thought being good in school will help his situation and it did.. Until they had a discussion about Islam at school. A girl, talked really bad and negative about it because of that what she heard from the news. She was afraid and that made her go to the teacher and tell her she thinks that the boy is dangerous. He got picked up by the police who was also acting wrong because they just did not know about him and his religion. All is online accounts were checked, the police took his parents house apart and after a week they said we found nothing and you are clean. That happens all during the graduation exam week where he could not attend. Sadly, his mother died shortly after that and he became angry and drifted away in a bad direction. He was one of the first kids who got helped by this program of the policemen and it made him realize that he is welcomed in this country. 

So why do I tell you all about that here… First I wanted to get away of all the news etc. being out in the woods, save and just myself. But I realized that this is also selfish. We share the same earth, breath the same air and I think it’s a critical time in the world where everyone who has some sense and a good hearth should show that every day. I see what might could happen in the US, that somebody who want to build walls instead of bridges (Pope franziskus) might be leading this country and ONLY because he creates fear. Fear mostly makes us stop thinking and behave in a different way. And way are we afraid? Because we don’t know. 

There is a quote in a outdoor movie: “Fear the unknown is the greatest fear of all” 

(Die Angst über das Ungewisse ist die größte Angst)

It has for sure a different meaning in the movie but you can usw it well to many other situations. 

The girl in the story before did not know and was scared and it almost lead a nice friendly boy to join a war. 
I am kinda glad that I go back to Germany where the majority is still supporting a government who don’t want to shut their doors and I hope there is still a majority in the US as well. But, it is a difficult time now and it is important that everyone should show that they are not afraid and have a open heart. 

I really recommend you to listen to the story. The podcast is called “Invisibilia” and the episode is called “Flip the Scrip” or read it Here

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