Where my trail is leading me

The past week changed a lot in me. I wasn’t expecting it to happen now but I am glad it did. This moment, this day, this clarity when the fog on the way which we call life starts slowly to disappear. I have been trough a lot of mental challenges since I left home 9 month ago. Pushing yourself into the wild, where you leave your comfort zone. Not in a physical way where you try to push yourself or maybe just get off from the couch and do a short run instead of watching another episode of your favorite show. 

I mean going somewhere where it is just YOU. Your body, your mind, your thoughts and your feelings become one, you. 

If you follow me already on my Facebook page you might have already read that I got to the stage where I found what dragged me out of my regular life. Friends have been asking me what it is, how it feels but I needed a couple days to find the words. 

For a long time I thought that I am going to figure out which way I want to go when I am done with my trip. I was waiting to find the answer but I figured out I need to ask the right question. 

Questioning what you want from your life might be not right, you should figure out what you are expecting from it. 

I still haven’t really figured out what I expect but I learned a lot to get closer. I learned to take sometimes a step back and take a look around at where I am and think about if I still go this way or another. I learned to not fixate one thing, one goal and be open for other options which I probably never thought about. To take time to listen more and speak less because we can learn so much from the people around us or we just met once in our life. It is good to have a rough plan like hiking from the Mexican to the Canadian border but not to plan each day. To listen to your heart, your beliefs, to let them lead you.

For the future, I don’t know what is going to happen, if and where I start a new life but I know how to walk this way we call life. To look left, look right, to ask yourself if this is the wright thing for me. I might will fall, might do some mistakes but I do them by myself and I will learn from them. I know if it’s gets rough, I have a helping hand reaching out to me. I know what’s/who important to me, what I don’t want to miss again because I felt as it happened once that I don’t want it to happen again (for this I give you an example: Not being with my fam on Christmas)

First, this page should be a travel blog for family and friends, for people who be interested in trails in Australia, New Zealand and the PCT but I want to share what I learned because there are many out there who struggled as well in life, trying to find them self and if I motivate even one person to make their first step out of their comfort zone, I am happy. Not for me that I helped somebody. I am happy for you, for you that you found trust in you. 

3 thoughts on “Where my trail is leading me”

  1. I just say “wow”! I’m so happy for YOU! And you wrote your best English since you started blogging, and about such an abstract topic, it’s just amazing! Hdsl!


  2. Hi how are you?

    I really like what you are writing in you blog. You done it really well.

    You time in Australia and New Zealand and the PCT now. It was all part of you way to find yourself.

    I’m glad that I met you in Australia and to joined you around New Zealand.

    The PCT was you part to find what you looked for and the hiking/roadtrip in Australia was my way.

    Now I hope that your complete you trip and to meet you in you HOME 🙂 …



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