Post travel thoughts


Day by day passes by, I am in the middle of my application for my future job. And with each day, week, month… I started thinking more and more about my past journey and the hike. The month after finishing the trail, my Facebook page was full of posts of my hiking buddies. Remembering the whole time or a particular special moment. Since I started right away with job applications and visiting friends, the only real time I thought about the trail was as I retold my experience, feelings, memories to my friends again and again.

I am not a person who wanted to tell everyone about it. My parents suggested to write a article for the local newspaper. I felt uncomfortable with it. A part of me thought that it may seem kind of a brag, to show what I have accomplished. Everyone experience the time on the trail differently and as so everyone deals with the post-trail-time differently and thats how I thought about it. It felt like another trip like I did before. Indian three weeks, visiting my siblings as they studied abroad or a road trip. But it’s not.

I am home now since almost 2 month and by that time on the trail I had difficult phase. I took about 6 days off because I just didn’t wanted to hike anymore and I can still remember those feelings. A month later, I started hiking with Morning Glory and arrived 2 more month later with her in Canada. 2650ml. 4400km. Just numbers and even for me now hard to recapture what they mean. But most important is what is between mile 0 and 2650. Panoramas, challenges, laughs and cries, joy and pain, friendships, insights and much more…

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment (Buddha)

Concentrate the mind on the present. That is what you do while you hike and thats what I have learned and  added to my life. At the moment I am in Hamburg visiting friends and walking through the busy streets I realized what i means as well by seeing people rushing from one store to the next one, tick of their checklists and not enjoying the moment.

Think about it for yourself. Take a quick break. Look outside or around you and try to feel the moment. Your thoughts, feelings. They don’t have to be always positive but listing to your self and sense your surroundings helps you to be present in the moment.




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