A taste of nature

What could we do, to get closer with nature than just spending time in nature and why?
Tonight I watched the episode “Air” of “Cooked“, a Netflix documentation about how cooking food has evolved over the time and being used in various cultures. Air is everywhere, we breath it in and out and we couldn’t live without air. In case of cooking, it is a major “ingredient” for baking bread. After grinding wheat seeds and mixing it with water, it helps to unlock all the nutrients.
Three simple ingredients.
And now, due to quick and cheap bakery shops or supermarkets, this simple food has become a processed product.
If you watched that episode, you might get to understand that we are getting more and more distanced from the origin of food. This is one of my reason for a plant based lifestyle. To taste and benefit from the unprocessed and raw power of a plant. To be more connected with what we plant, grow and at the end eat which gives our body the nutrients and energy to live, work and grow. And for me, it is even a spiritual act, by now growing (sadly not enough to live from it), washing, cutting, cooking and at the end eating the food.
And thats kind of my answer to the question above 🙂
To provide you more information about what I have learned for me and read, you will find a new Topic in the header called “Taste of nature”. Check it out!

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