There is Time for Everything, when its Time for It.

My dear friend,
there is so much I like to tell you. Stories about what I have seen during my walk in the morning, how I felt and what I thought. About, how the past months have been a rollercoaster ride (how Life is), but being aware of my feelings, about the situations which affected living my life in the way I did. About, how meditation taught me, to see every moment as it is and being aware of myself and my surroundings. About, how much deeper my connection to my family and friends are since I am learning more and more about myself. About, I am learning every day something new. About, my dreams, thoughts, hopes and also concerns. About, my vacation in Spain. About, a seminar of 4 days with a group of completely unknown and random people, where everyone was able to talk freely about him/herself. About, cleaning up my life/apartment. I have talked about many things with people in my inner circle, not because of hiding it from the outside. Because of taking the time for myself to reflect and talk with people who know me best.
So first, I would like to talk about…
It had different meanings for me during my life. Prior, I was
  • restless when I had to wait for a friend
  • going by car because it is more time efficient then bike/train/bus
  • short texting with friends
  • talking and sharing my thoughts
  • leaving the apartment the exact minute to not wait for the bus/train
  • (lately) meditate for 5-10min per day
  • not reading because of lack of time
Nowadays, I’m learning to be more present at the moment right now. There is time for everything when its the time for it (not to be mistaken with “time will solve it”) and to embrace the moment.
Time is all around us, it is always there, and luckily, we cant do anything to stop or speed it up. The key is, to be present and enjoy it. At the end of the day, when I lie in my bed, replay what happened during the time I spent the day. Some days I used my time with something I had to do, that enriched me, that made me sad, happy, etc.
In this reflection, I realize day by day, what is helping me to grow and what not. With that in mind, my decision is not defining by the time I am saving and more about my feeling of how I spent the day. So now, I experience the moments like this:
  • enjoying the surroundings while waiting for a friend: I see a bird flying by or watch the leaves dancing in the wind blows
  • using the train and read a book, have a conversation with people (additionally it is also better for the environment)
  • taking the time to think about my answer to a friend
  • and listening to him
  • leaving the house as I wish (one thing I have to do: being on time at work for a meeting)
  • meditate twice a day ~20 min
  • reading books
The funny thing, I always thought I could never fit everything in a day, because there is not enough time and guess what: Day by day, I am still doing what I want/can do in respect of the time. I finish my work, I shop groceries, I go for a walk, I cook, I see/talk with family/friends, etc. I LIVE.
So, I didn’t take the time writing the past months, because I needed the time to process everything, talk with family/friends and living my life. I am finding and taking now the time, to share my thoughts/tiny enlightenments/fears/changes with YOU.
If you may ask WHY? I love to share my life with you. In hope. In hearing your response, how you see it through your life. A reflection of myself. In sending out and not bottle things up.