Oh Nature

Scene: I went to a foto presentation called “wild trails” in a castle called “Schloss Werdenberg” 10km from where I live. I rode my bike and it turned out, all the heat during the day had the consequence of a huge storm. After a couple minutes I thought “f*** it, its just rain, wind, thunder….” 
and now.. my thoughts:
Oh Nature, you are strong. you are powerful. you are beautiful and frigthend. I feel close to you when I am sharing the moment with you. I am scared. Scared how you will change beacuse of us. Who are we to think, we could destroy you? Destroy you with our desire to get better, faster, stronger. More money. More things. We are so tiny in respect of you but we have the power to destroy you and finally destroy us. Do we have to go that far? 
“When the last tree has been cut down, the last fish caught, the last river poisoned, only then will we realize that one cannot eat money.”
by a native american
Where does your power come from? Human believe it was given to you. “God” created you. But NO. YOU WERE ALWAYS THERE. No God, No transcendence power, it was you yourself. You are the one who made it possible to create us. Because of who you are, we are able to live in you. As we detach from you, we get sad. As we return to you, we are happy. As we stop eating what you provide, we get sick. As we eat what you offer, we heal. We make things complex but you are so simple. Why dont we have trust in you? 
No, we dissosiate us from you. We want to change you. Make our live you gave us to how we want it. Even thow, we are so insignificant, (0.01% of biomas on earth are humans) we do the most damage.  
But still, you forgive us. You show us your beauty in calm days and stormy day. Im out of the storm and ride next to it along the river. An invisible power holds you on the other side. One side: rain, thunder, wind. The other: dry road and only the headwind I am creating. 
I feel alive, because of you. Because I am feeling you. My mind is free, my thoughts dance like inside a twister but I have this clearity. When I am in nature, I am me. I have you for me alone. You have me for you alone. 
I feel hope. Hope, because love is the strongest power. Because most of us loves you. Because I love you. This love is strong. This love can be taught with knwoledge. And with love, comes respect. With that, we will keep you save. We will teach the future to love and respect you. For us. For you. Because thanks to you, we exist.
I know I can be really cirtic with humanity. I have been working on that for a while. Meditation helps to be more present in the moment, see the positive things and being aware of my feeling/thoughts. Reading is helping me to learn, for example that the world is getting indeed better (Either read “The Better angles of our Nature” by Steven Pinker or a short summary about that topic here).
I am human, I do mistakes, as we all do. I am learning to accept, that not everyone can be taking as much care of nature, as I do. I am learning, where and how I can have a positive impact, and I hope, that I had it at least once at you. My thoguhts now: Sharing the love for nature, because it is the greatest power and only passion/love/respect brings us together to work together. Work together for you, nature.
Where I felt the most free

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