Chaos and Order within the creative act

In the my post about “Time” last week, I reflected what time means to me and how my awareness of time enlightens my daily life.
Since I am going by train to visit my family, I remind myself how grateful I am for that time. I can find my peace, solitude and concentration to read a paper or book.
Today, I am on a 4,5h train ride to my hometown, to spent time with my parents and friends. With a holiday and a day off, my long weekend enables me, to be not in a hurry at home. I have 3 full days to enjoy the beauty of our garden, for which I am grateful to the passion of my parents. My mom, for planting colorful flowers and my dad growing nutritious veggies. I cant wait to smell the roses and taste the full flavor of a sweet red currants. (imagining it makes me feel at home, in peace, happy)
I hope, I don’t have to explain, why a longer train ride is more beneficial for my quality time at home. By car, Im approx. a hour earlier at home. But, having not read anything and a bit more stressed, I am in a much calmer and cleaner state.
The paper I read today is about the view of Nietzsche on creativity. NO, don’t close the browser 😀 that is not my topic here. It is about how I use his interpretations to develop my life and passion (and if you read yourself in it, yours as well)
I jump in, in the context of, how order and chaos within yourself should work together in a constant “tension”. The past month, I have learned and understood, how important order is. It even gives people sense in their life (I couldn´t understand this in the beginning) Order is necessary. It holds our body together, let us drive “safely” on streets, let us create buildings, bridges, etc
Order is beautiful. For example, a big garden where flowers are planted in a system.
In reflection about my life, I realized, that for long I oppose order. I saw it as inflexible, static and even arrogant. During a life coaching seminar, I realized that with my dogmatic way, I never saw the meaning in it.
Being honest to my self, I also realized, that I am looking for order in my life. I have joy in open minded thinking, not always seeing things the way they are, think outside the box. I have trouble following order, I want to know the Why behind actions. For others, this can be stressful. For me, it IS. It takes energy and I lack on concentration due to my “chaos” and disclaim to order.
“The creator is one who is able to order and control the affects, without losing the original tension but direction it to more creative enterprise. The sexual desire and the urge to write prose may result in very convincing love letters or in erotic novels, …”
[“Nihilism and Creativity in the Philosophy of Nietzsche” by Alessandro Tomasi]
Übersetzung auf Deutsch:
“Der Schöpfer versteht seine Affekte [Antriebe, Begierde] zu ordnen/kontrollieren, ohne deren Spannungen zu verlieren und in Richtung der kreative Schöpfung zu lenken. Eine sexuelle Begierde und der Lust am dichten, kann in das Schreiben von überzeugenden Liebebriefen oder erotischen Novellen folgen, …”
An example: One of my passions is cooking. It makes me happy and calms me down after a long day at work. I appreciate the work of others, who work on farms and deliver the food. I am grateful for nature, for creating it.
For long, I haven’t had any order in my kitchen. In the beginning, I order things together. After a couple cooking sessions, I dont stick anymore the system. Things where left on the side or in other places. After weeks, I needed to clean, order, look for the last missing ingredient etc. All that takes energy and time.
With the awareness and order of my affects, I learned how important it is, during my creative process of cooking. How it benefits my passion. With writing down the recipes, I remember what worked together and if not, why. Knowing where everything is, I fall into a state of being present and trance of the act of cooking and creating.
Question for you: How do you feel during following your passion? Are you lost in it? Are you affects taking over? Or are you completely aware of the moment?

5 thoughts on “Chaos and Order within the creative act”

  1. Hm, good question… My passion is hiking and I think it’s both. Sometimes my legs take over and I just walk while my mind is wandering around. Sometimes I am completely aware of the moment seeing the beautiful flower next to the trail or feeling the cold water of the river I have to ford.
    As for cooking…. I like to have everything organised. Usually I even clean up the pots and stuff I don’t need any longer while cooking just because I don’t want to clean up the whole mess afterwards 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wandering mind is definetly a big part during the hiking 🙂 I think its important to have some control over this, because as you said, you miss many beautiful things when you are not aware.
    What do you things about listening music or listnening to podcast?

    Haha, I have the same thing now moving to an apartment without an dishwasher. But it made me realize, i dont need that many pots, plates etc when you clean always the one you used 😀

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    1. I do not listen to music or podcasts while hiking – if that’s your question. No electronics if possible. I prefer listening to the sound of birds 🙂
      How can you move into an apartment without a dishwasher?? 😉 I hope it has a nice view!


      1. Yes, that was my intention. I should be think and not things 😀
        Very nice, you are listening to what surrounds you. I call the mindful hiking (a post about what I mean is in editing). I have been there, were you just listen to music/books/podcast and not really to the outside our your self.
        How was it on the PCT? Are you answering to the birds 🙂

        Haha I know, makes a bit more work but im okay with it 🙂
        Sadly it is on the ground floor but I still see mountains out of the windows. If you ever around St Gallen, let me know. you can find me as well in couchsurfing (Salez)


      2. Yes, sometimes I answer the birds and sometimes I dance for some cows 😀
        The PCT was great. I made it too Cascade Locks in the end and was very happy that I could do that with my knee injury. I hope you made it all the way to Canada!
        Actually I might be somewhere in Switzerland in July. I am planning to hike the Tour du Mont Blanc. Maybe. No idea if it’s anywhere close to St Gallen


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