What is always present behind the clouds?

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After months of sunny and dry days, liquid sunshine is coming down to feed the rivers and lakes. I am happy about the rain. I like the rain. It has something clean and refreshing. After such a long dry periods, it was necessary for the farmers and nature (the fire risk was on the highest level).

Since I sold my car, I bike to work every day, 2x 20min. I wondered how it would be if it rains, If I am going to ask my colleague to pick me up on the way to work.

I did today but he had a private appointment in the morning, so the only way was by bike. It was kind of my reflex, to ask and don’t bike in the rain. Why is that? I hiked through rain, I have rain clothes, I can shower and have clothes at work, so why am I avoiding it?

As soon I got on the bike, breathed in the fresh air and felt the rain drops on my hands, I started to smile. I felt such a positive feeling in me, being out and active. I remembered the days driving to work, sitting, not moving and the constant attention while driving. I do miss occasionally driving, down or up a mountain pass, to see the landscape changing. But in case of getting to work, I would always choose now the bike.

At the end, my guess it has also something to do with your comfort zone. I like to have a quick look at the people by passing them with the bike, give them a smile and to show: “I am enjoying this moment!”. I love the fresh air, the cool down after hot days, being active and of course, doing something for the environment. It always depends on your perspective and awareness. With that, I understand if this is not something for you but maybe ask yourself: Why? Where is your comfort zone and we all should try sometimes to give it a try and explore it borders.

No matter how many clouds are there in the moment, in the sky or in your life, the sun and blue sky are present, always!


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