body + mind + nature = Life

The clear cold air stimulates my senses on my skin. I am riding through the starry night after a joyful dinner with the colleagues. Out of town and along the last patches of corn fields, I realize the glowing full moon to my side, arising behind the mountain range. I turn of my headlights, since the light waves from the sun reflected by the moon is enough to lead my way.

As I turn onto the bike path along the river, I turn of my music and take of the glasses, to concentrate all of my sense to my surrounding. My eyes to the light and darkness, my ears to the sound of the tires and the wind flowing along my ears. I breath in deeply the cold refreshing air, the raw air with any foreign odor.

The moon and river to my right and now another mountain range to my right. Everything is glowing on consequences of the luminous light bolt in the sky. I see every edge of the bright rock formations and the edge between the mountain and the beaming night sky. Even the sky is glowing in the night. Nothing is empty, even the space of the universe or the area inside the orbit of an atom. Everything exist out of million and millions atom and are constantly surrounded in the energy charged world around us. The air, the earth, the water, the fire and the in my thoughts the sky. We are in constant exchange with our environment, sharing each moment this energy in an eternal relation. A relation between the body, mind and nature.

At my last turn, the moon shines behind me and projects my shade in front of me. This is me. This is the body my mind is inside. The mind needs the body and the body the mind. We have to take good care of both but mostly only concentrate on the body, because it is visible. Only the body is “real” to us, the mind is invisible to us. So we disconnect, disconnect the bonding of body and mind and loose the connection the nature as well. We have rebuild this compound, build a fundament of body mind and nature to stay healthy and alive. Not only the body, but also our mind and the world we live in.


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