A thought for the day – Part 2: self-awareness and realization

This series of posts will enclose my thoughts and reflection of a book with phrases from Mahatma Gandhi called “A thought for the day”. I don’t recall if I bought it or if my mum left it on my desk to read and so I picked it from my “To read” staple on my book shelf 🙂

Part 1: Truth

Part 2: Self-awareness and realization

  • “I spend a lot of effort to maintain my physical body.
    Do I make the same effort to get to know my soul?”

We sleep to recover and rest the body. We eat (healthy) to stay alive. We work out to have a healthy body. All physical.

We socialize with people to exchange thoughts. We go to the cinema to get amused. We watch TV show to get amused. All to feel comfortable.

What can we do, to get to know ourself? We can read a good book and immerse into the story and feel with the characters. This great article describes, how important reading for the development for our empathy and interacting with others is.

And of course, taking time and “talking” to ourself. Not in the crazy way but in a friendly, calm and insightful way (like a good friend). How do I feel in this certain situation? Why do I (want to) react in this way? Why do I feel this way? Don‘t expect answer right away, it takes time but you have your whole life 🙂

  • “We have two types of thoughts: The one uplift, the other degrade. We should always remind us and learn how to separate both from each other.

We have good and bad thoughts. We are human. The key is to know when each one arises and to understand it. Again, to know why certain thoughts arise and how they make us feel. Try to change the perspective, a grey rainy day may seem depressing but plants/animals/humans need water to life. And don‘t forget: The blue sky is always behind the clouds

  • “The human being does not get any further, when he/she searches outside of him/herself. The are of growth lies within one self.”
  • “Why are you searching outside, when you have to look within yourself?”

To find happiness with ourself, we can only achieve it by looking with ourself. Nothing from outside can make you completely happy. It can break, get old, sick or die. This is the law of nature, everything is changing, everything is fading. Find your meaning of your life within yourself!

  • “What does it matter if they see us as dreamers”



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