Simple life

Self build house in the hill

Surrounded by fields of green

Follow the setting sun on roof

All you need for a simple life

Sound of wood chopping

Dead tree has still a purpose

Provides warmth, light, energy

Hard work simple life

Mother working water and flour

Kids serving water and salad

Happy faces around the fire

Fresh food simple life

Lights flickering on and off

Cold water to clean my skin

Thick blankets to stay warm

No luxury, simple life

10’000 steps to school and back

Breathing fresh air in and out

Eating what nature provides

Healthy body, simple life

Mountain and valley all around

Clear water from the top

Growing nutrition from the bottom

Pure nature, simple life

Day and night family together

Home with floor, wall and roof

Nature providing food and fire

All you need for a happy life!


2 thoughts on “Simple life”

  1. I like very much this poem style. You stick to the essential and it matches well this getting back to a living without what is superfluous.
    And yet, a lot of people would envy your warm.blankets…I’m grateful for my.bed and comforter.every evening!
    Keep the good work going!

    Liked by 1 person

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