Following my nature path

I’d like to share you a topic I have been discussing with many people which I have met during my time in India.

I go first back to May this year, as I was taking 10 days off to hike in Basque Country. After two difficult months were I had retreated deep into my self, I was wakening up by the sun and warmth in spring. With the energy of the season where everything starts to bloom and come out of their caves, I went on the Camino del Norte with no specific goal. I had only booked my return flight from Bilbao but what happens between the start and the end, I headed out with blank pages.

As back in 2016 in Australia and partly in New Zealand, I planned nothing and just let my feeling, instinct and nature/universe decide. The only difference to my Sabbatical was that I have started meditating on a regular basis and became much more aware of my self and the world around me. I had a fascinating time of meeting people, feeling pure happiness every day and exploring my deeper self.

I couldn’t really explain it but during the following months and reading books about life’s of spiritual persons and great Philosophers like Marcus Aurelius, I understood more and more what it was.

I became aware of myself and my environment and by that, could feel and sense what the universe is laying out for me. The self-awareness is an important part since my actions are in line with my thoughts, beliefs and dreams. Due to that, I am becoming visible for those, who are supporting my development and people I’m just meant to meet.

On the other side, my awareness of the environment shows me those ones, who I know I’m benefiting from and who I might bring a benefit of. It’s like an additional sense of feeling the vibration/energy of others

A crucial skill of being able to have this both sides are being open-minded and hearted. I remember being extremely bias about other people without even knowing them which had therefore influenced my behavior. It is something human, embedded in our brains, to maybe warn us or be careful but it happens so easily that due bad experiences, we generalize others and forget about having an open heart and compassion for everyone.

I still sometimes caught myself having thoughts about people I don’t know but through the meditation, I am mostly becoming aware of this and change my mind to be open. Because deep in our self, we are good souls and it is only due effects from outside who make us bad. Advertisement, ego thinking, a society of materialism, bad parenting (which can’t really blame me because the parents also have been also conditioned by something)

By practicing love and compassion for everyone, I became more open to all what is happening around me and many have told me, I am always happy. I give everyone a smile because even if I am feeling sad or worried about something, the other person still deserves a friendly smile. I don’t overlay my negative emotions, I know with whom I can talk about them but the outside world needs a smile. And it happens even with angry looking cab drivers in India, that they smile back to me 😉

So, what does that mean for me in the future? No planing in the future and just living day by day? No, not really. Because I have a vision in my mind, not clear but a rough direction I want to dedicate my life. It has all to do with what I am deeply passionate about, I am able to share with others, feel pure happiness and is making this world a better place.

“I travel on by nature’s path until I fall and find rest, breathing my last into that air from which I draw my daily breath, and falling on that earth which gave my father his seed, my mother her blood, my nurse her milk; the earth which for so many years has fed and watered me day by day; the earth which bears my tread and fall the ways in which I abuse her.” Marcus Aurelius


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