Towards the open sea

I hope you had a happy time during the holidays, with your family, friends and with your self. I finally finishing up my writings for this year, as the stories in India and what’s coming up next.

An interesting year is coming to an end. Every past year was special for itself and this one might have been so far the one with the biggest impact on myself and the future. I remember wakening up in my tent on January 1st, feeling pure joy and happiness. I was by myself but it was good like this, I knew, this year will be different.

You may know all that happened to me, either by talking reading or hearing from others. All that happened before brought me to where I am now, who I am now. And I am happy. More than before, more in line with who I am. Sometimes it was not easy, especially explaining what I have experienced and learned for myself to others, to learn what can help, trying to help others and getting only a shaking head and being misunderstood. At the end of the year I want to share with you only one wish:

Stay open-minded and open-hearted.

I have experienced so many situations where even I found myself being biased or having some sort of pre-thinking without even knowing the truth. And I wanted to help (sometimes it worked) others, to try to see situations from a different perspective. To not fall into the anger, to react on the basis our emotions, to be open and have compassion. Simple Love, because there won’t be a change for the better due to hate, only by love. And love is the answer.

“I open up my sail, with the wind in my back, leaving the safe harbor. I see the infinity of the sea ahead of me.

Uncertainty, what will happen? I don’t fear the future, I embrace it, I am going to face it.

I am not alone on my boat. I feel the presence of all the loved ones, the one from the past and present. They give me strength when I am feeling weak.

I close my eyes. I go deep within myself and find the courage and curiosity. My passion for the new, to discover the unknown, to lift the curtain from whats being feared by others. To show the beauty of the world and humanity, the bliss in everyone soul. LIFE”


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