Buenas días Guatemala

#40 first day out – back in nature

Finally, dust on my legs, dirt on my hands, sweat on my skin, green for my eyes and fresh air for my lungs.

After hiking in India 1 month ago, i am back on a trail, this time in Guatemala. Sure, I had the chance in California, but the laziness and comfort overcome myself and maybe I just needed that break.


3 days ago I arrived in Xela, where I joined the @quetzaltrekker to be a guide in the volcanic mountains in Guatemala. Our mission, hike volcanos, help kids. All profit goes to a local NGO called EDLAC, a school and orphan house. We, travelers from all around the world guide tourist and spent our time in this unique country on the trails, sharing our passion for nature, guide the clients over hills and passes.


My goal? Help those kids and myself by getting experience in guiding and also to figure out if it will be something I would consider to make me living with. With my obtained yoga license, I am also planing to offer classes, for tourist and maybe even the kids.


My trip now is not there to train me already, it is a mandatory “client hike” to first enjoy the beauty of the area and also get the experience as a client. I have met again great people who are with me and feel happiness within me. The past weeks have been amazing to see my friends in Santa Barbara and also been guided from the sexiest and funniest guide of the west coast 😁 at the channel island national park. But, I wasn’t happy with myself.


Now, getting back into a routine, having a constant place to stay and not wonder where to go, I can start working on my future. I’ll keep you posted about us, the Quetzaltrekkers and my future plans as soon I know for.

#41 first done more to follow

After a bumpy 2 hours ride in the back of a truck, I am back at my new home, the Quetzaltrekkers headquarters 😅 I now I will/have to get used to it since it will be on this trek a couple more times 😉


I am very happy that my first hike is mandatory to be a “client”, no need to remember the turns, prep the meals, take care of blisters and more. Just enjoy the hike, cornfields, the meals and be surprised by a few treats on the way. We were a funny group of travelers, some on holidays or on their second honeymoon. I had of course lots of time to talk with everyone and am looking forward to show every time new people this beautiful spot on earth and talk about the culture and nature. Hiking volcanos and help kids 😉


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