Learning about strengths and weaknesses at my new (temporary) job

After a long break, I say again hello to you, who takes time and hopefully enjoy reading and following my posts 🙂

Since my decision against hiking along the whole ridge of the Alps all the way to the Mediterranean Sea, I have passed the time mostly around my home in Bavaria. It took a few weeks to process what has been happening so far in 2019. My time volunteering in Guatemala, new friendships and crossing at the least the Austrian Section of the Alps. I am happy about my decisions so far, especially going back home instead of hiking and spending some time with my parents, siblings and friends.

But still, it was clear to me, that I need a goal or better, I wanted to know for myself what it’s going to be the next step. One thing was for sure, I am not going back to the same kind of life I have lived before. I am going to continue to trust my feelings, my values and who I am.

All have let so far, that I have been working already for one month at a lodge/hut in the german part of the Alps, only an hour south from where I am from. I work in the service of customers, prepping and cooking food, carrying food waste to the compost and cleaning. It was kind of a spontaneous outcome and a chance so far, to on one hand learn about the logistics, what needs to be done, etc but also on the other, I know now, I am more aware of the way of work and living and know, it’s not really what I want. The thought has occurred to maybe, one day, take over a hut in the mountains but so far, it’s not something I want to do.

But still, it has been so far an interesting opportunity to learn new skills, work on some of my weaknesses and underline the strengths I have. Should one, only stick to their strengths and try to bypass everything, which relates to the weaknesses? A short story of young animals tells the idea, that the fish should stick to swimming and not try to learn how to climbing like the monkey, the monkey sticking to climbing and not learn how to fly like the bird and so on. I believe as well, that, your main work should go mostly in line with what your strengths are, since it keeps you motivated and most importantly, you enjoy what you do. Me for example, I enjoy to socialize, help others, manage and plan and don’t like too much, to stick to orders and routines.
Here comes the big BUT: In our weaknesses lies the biggest potentials. Potentials to grow, to save time and energy and to be that one step further ahead. I have learned for example, that a system and order in my kitchen saved me lots of time looking for things and I knew, what I have leftover and what I need to buy. No more buying one bag of rice and realizing at home, that I have still three left 😀

The most interesting part up here is, every task challenges me in a different way and I am able to reflect, what I have liked and whatnot. Carrying down the food waste to the compost 50 steps in the mud doesn’t bother me at all, I actually enjoy being outside and walk some elevation. Serving customers, it’s pretty nice, when I have the time for a quick chat and when they are friendly, as soon it gets busy, all I can give them, is a friendly greeting and smile, say to enjoy their meal and whish a nice day. I definitely miss the personal contact. Cleaning toilets and rooms are of course not the nicest work and its hard for me, since, with all the hiking and sleeping in nature, my standard of cleanliness is not the highest. So, I have to check with myself, how would some else judge the room, toilet or shower which I have cleaned for hours.
One last big and important challenge is, to find the right balance in having time for me and working in service. I remember from working as a guide in Guatemala, that in the first months, I was eager and full of energy to guide every hike, help in the office and never mind having people around me. But after four months, having no day off, living with up to 15 people and lead hikes with up to 25 clients, I realized, how I got mentally tired. The great thing up here, at my breaks or after my shift, I just have to walk out of the door, walk 5 minutes and be in a forest or overviewing the ridges in the far distance.

Today, I have cleaned rooms, bathrooms, showers and the corridor, checking if really everything is clean to the standards of the owner. I enjoyed working by myself, being able to listen to podcasts. Now, after my shift is done, I am sitting in the “winter garden”, listening to the rain falling and enjoy a warm cup of hot ginger and lemon. I’m accepting and being present, some things, even If I don’t like them, have to been done. I accept them, be equanimous to my dislikes and likes, try to see the benefit in them for me and most importantly, try to always do my best.

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