3 Day Hike in the UNESCO Sardona (CH)

A beautiful 3-day hike through the UNESCO world heritage of the Sardona Range. Thanks to Michael for joining me and contributing to this post with most of the pictures taken.

Tour plan:

  • Parking at Flums Train Station (5CHF per night)
  • Bus 441 to Flumser Bergbahn (1x per hour, 4CHF)
  • Up to Maschgenkamm and Overnight close to Spitzmeilen Hütte or Madseeli
  • Toward Fansfurggla
  • Descending to Untersäss
  • Climb to Muotatalsattel and Heubützliipass
  • Overnight at Plattenseeli
  • Climb to Heidelpass
  • Descending to Batöni
  • Climb to Lavtinasattel
  • Optional: Summit Pizol
  • Pizolhütte
  • Chairlift down to Wangs (28 CHF)
  • Bus/Train back to Flums (5 CHF)

Find GPS and more details on http://out.ac/bk4N4

Day 1: Morning Sun

Day 2-3: After the sun comes the storm and again the sun