A thought for the day



Introduction: This series of posts will enclose my thoughts and reflection of a book with phrases from Mahatma Gandhi called “A thought for the day”. I don’t remember if I bought it or if my mum left it on my desk to read and so I picked it from my “To read” staple of books

The book is a collection of phrases Mahatma Gandhi wrote to a friend, Anand t. Hingorani, who has lost his wife. His friend was visiting Gandhi at his Ashram and every morning, he wrote him phrases, to think about all day. After he left, both agreed that Gandhi keeps writing him phrases, at the end for over 2 years (1944 till end 1946). After Gandhis death in 1948, Anand published all letters he received over this time.

As mentioned in the book, all quotes are “[…] not only thoughts, but expressions, which are reflected from concrete live experiences. Mahatma Gandhi described his life as “a biography of his experiments with the Truth”. […] his comfort words have an even much higher meaning since he built his life work on one maxim: living in accordance with thinking, speaking and acting.[…] Gandhi never wrote as Guru, someone who owns the truth, but as someone who seeks.”

Translated from “Wer den Weg der Wahrheit geht, stolpert nicht – Worte an einen Freund”

After I have read the introduction, I decided to read 1-2 phrases every morning after my meditation practice. His thoughts have been arranged into 15 chapters, for each one I am writing a post with my favorite quotes and thoughts.

Why do I want to do this? I want to give a you a chance to reflect on topics, which are important in our life’s. Stuck in the daily routine, we sometimes forget to take a break and let our mind free and see what our deep feelings and thoughts are.
I also want to contribute to a world of honest conversation, where we never have to feel to hide our thoughts our emotions.

  1. Truth
  2. to be continued