This Blog:
My platform to share my Life, when I am ready for it. Honest, raw and unfiltered, just me.

Who am I:
I am a human, like you, with everything what makes us human. I am open to talk about anything, from hopes, dreams, happiness and sadness.

My believes:
I believe in human rights. I believe in democracy. I believe that love to yourself and to another is the strongest power. I believe in honesty, forgiveness and in you.

My hopes:
I hope, that we can talk openly, without any bias, about our wishes, thoughts and feelings.

My joys:
Nature, Giving, Learning and Teaching

My fears:
Acceleration of technology and it’s impact on behavior kids, climate change, the forces against our democracy

My loves:
Family, Friends, Plants, Cooking, Meditation, Open talks, Walks, Sleeping outside, Reading, Writing, Sharing,

Feel free to comment with any concerns, I would love to have your honest opinion. If you don’t want to share it, feel free to contact me on sdhkraus@gmail.com any time.


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Sebastian,
    A friend in town sent me this website, and I found your blog embedded within it. I live above the PCT in a cabin and have taken in hikers over the years. This year I am working on a pilot podcast that invites hikers like yourself to tell their story. Let me know if you would like to provide some input regarding said podcast. Also, you can camp at our cabin if you feel so inclined,

    Send me an email at mattfitzoregon@gmail.com,
    Look forward to meeting you,

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