About me and this blog

About me:


At a coaching seminar from my company, I was said to be critic, gentle, broadminded and robust. If you compare those characteristics with each other, they may not really fit together but let me walk you through it:

Critic: I kinda developed this quality. I am a positiv thinking person and never really questioned situations. I followed some diets or supplement recommendations without really knowing what they are doing to my body.
Since my, lets call it gap year, where I went out on my own for a year, I became more confident with myself and also realized more what I want or who I want to be. That is also why i started to question more. Especially getting closer to nature, I started to learn and study more about our impact on the environment. I am specially critic with how our society develops, but believe in the good in people and that we can change, to either live together in peace and save our planet.

Gentle and broadminded: I hope it doesn’t sound kinda cheesy but thats just who I am 🙂

Robust: Well, when you hiked 2650ml (4300km) I think that might be also true 🙂

One more thing: I am a dreamer and believer… I usually have a thousand thoughts in my head about anything and believe that everything happens for a reason.

What I love to do: Being outdoors and active, cooking, writing down my thoughts, meditation (definitely helps to sort those thoughts)

Being in the outdoors and having fun 🙂 PCT 2016

About this page:

So, and why now this page? First, I started it as my travel blog while I was in Australia, New Zealand and hiking the PCT. This is on part of the page, why I am now who I am.
Secondly, I need and want to have a platform where I can just share my thoughts, believes and my passion to cook with recipes and why a plant based lifestyle is on one hand benefiting our planet and on the other yourself as well!


2 thoughts on “About me and this blog

  1. Sebastian,
    A friend in town sent me this website, and I found your blog embedded within it. I live above the PCT in a cabin and have taken in hikers over the years. This year I am working on a pilot podcast that invites hikers like yourself to tell their story. Let me know if you would like to provide some input regarding said podcast. Also, you can camp at our cabin if you feel so inclined,

    Send me an email at mattfitzoregon@gmail.com,
    Look forward to meeting you,

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