The Bibbulmun Track

Out of the city, into the nature… that is where I want to be and what I was looking for

After spending time in the most isolated city in the world (Adelaide almost 2,500km away by road) I wanted to get out and spent time in the nature. Lucky for me, I heard about a trail which starts in the hills outside of Perth and stretches until Albany. I won’t have the time to complete the whole trail but I can at least walk a section of it.

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The Bibbulmun Track is a long distance trail from Kalamunda to Albany. With its length of about 1000km, it offers the walker a huge variety of the beautiful environment of Western Australia. Heading southbound, you first experience all different kind of forrest and climb short mountains which reward you with astonishing panorama view. The southern part presents you a total difference to the forrest with its ocean views and walks along the coast.

The Bibbulmun Track

When you look through the website, you will see that the trail is split up into section. There are maps available for each section which can be purchased in outdoor/book stores. It is highly recommend to use those maps. The track is marked but I still found myself a bit lost and the maps help you to head the right way. They also show you the elevation profile, distance between campgrounds and a little guidebook give you additional information about the environment and wildlife.
About the wildlife: I was a bit worried about that in the beginning since you hear always that almost everything in Australia wants to kill you. If you behave properly and don’t do stupid things, nothing is going to hurt you. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and face myself in unknown situations because those are the experiences you never make in your daily, routine work life and you have the chance to improve you personality and grow stronger.

Since I have only completed the first 205km from Kalamunda to Dwellingup, I can’t tell you all about the track but I met a couple people competing the whole trail and they assure  me it is worth it. Next time I am in Australia I will bring more time and finish what I have started 🙂