The Burger Trail V1.0

Hey follower 😉 Maybe you have already read that I want to create a complete overview and review of burgers you can find along the Pacific Crest Trail. Since I am of course still eating burgers during my travel and I also been hiking two times for a week, I started already testing burgers in… Continue reading The Burger Trail V1.0

Bibbulmun Track Part 1

Hey guys, if your following me also on Facebook you may know that I went for my first real multiple hike on the Bibbulmun Track in Western Australia. I hadn't reception all the time and was pretty tired after every day but I still wrote down some thoughts every day. Since I'm heading out tomorrow… Continue reading Bibbulmun Track Part 1

Always setting new goals

Already in the plane I met a really interesting men from Austria, Günther, who is on the way to Vietnam. With an organised tour, he's is mountain biking trails in the forests which where used from the Guerillas in the Vietnam War to moved their troupes and military equipment. They were unknown from the american… Continue reading Always setting new goals