2 Day “Tour de Bodensee” (GER/CH/AUT)

Located in the south west corner of Germany lays the Bodensee, the biggest lake in Germany and third bigghest in Europe. It is a popular trip for a multi-day bike ride and for the birthday of my brother, I invited him to ride with me for two days. BRO TIME! 🙂 Facts: Circumference: 273 km… Continue reading 2 Day “Tour de Bodensee” (GER/CH/AUT)


Day 2-3: After the sun comes the storm and again the sun

Like the week before, I woke up with a smile in my mind and face. I unzipped my rain fly and the sun shined into my tent. "Good morning Sebastian, it is a beautiful sunny day".I got out of my tent and took a couple deep breath in and out, filling my lungs with fresh… Continue reading Day 2-3: After the sun comes the storm and again the sun

2 Day Hike at Walsertal

Dear friend, this post will be in German since I am describing a trail in german speaking area. If you're interested about that tour or hiking information around this area, feel free to contact me via email. I am happy to help you out 🙂 Tag 1: Die Nacht zuvor habe ich mich in Bludenz… Continue reading 2 Day Hike at Walsertal