The last day before…

The last day before I start my hike across the Alps is here. The weeks after my time at Quetzaltrekkers, where I have been volunteering and living for the last 4 months had everything from relaxing days lying in a hammock for days, couple more days in Guatemala with friends and an emotional week in… Continue reading The last day before…


One week of solitude

After months of living together with up to 15 people and guiding almost twice a week groups from 5 to 25 hikers, I find myself having trouble enjoying minutes, hours and days with no-one around me. My adventure with Quetzaltrekkers finished with another three-day hike with a group of 22, two of them were my… Continue reading One week of solitude

The final round

After entering the 4-border-controlled union of Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador, I am allowed to stay within those countries for 90 days. That is also the minimum required time to volunteer for Quetzaltrekkers and it is now coming to an end. I left Xela yesterday to cross the Mexican border and need to stay… Continue reading The final round