Following my nature path

I'd like to share you a topic I have been discussing with many people which I have met during my time in India. I go first back to May this year, as I was taking 10 days off to hike in Basque Country. After two difficult months were I had retreated deep into my self,… Continue reading Following my nature path


body + mind + nature = Life

The clear cold air stimulates my senses on my skin. I am riding through the starry night after a joyful dinner with the colleagues. Out of town and along the last patches of corn fields, I realize the glowing full moon to my side, arising behind the mountain range. I turn of my headlights, since… Continue reading body + mind + nature = Life

Appreciation and self-awareness

For more than a month now, I am learning about philosophy via an online course. I am fascinated by the insights by the early philosophers of Aristoteles and later the Stoics, which have been also helping me with my reflections of my life. I started this class on one hand to learn more about different… Continue reading Appreciation and self-awareness

A thought for the day – Part 1: Truth

Introduction: This series of posts will enclose my thoughts and reflection of a book with phrases from Mahatma Gandhi called "A thought for the day". I don't remember if I bought it or if my mum left it on my desk to read and so I picked it from my "To read" staple of books… Continue reading A thought for the day – Part 1: Truth

Being honest and truthful to yourself and others

Before we can be honest with others, we have to be honest with ourselves. How can we say the truth, if we don't know the truth WITHIN US? I´d like to begin with a quote from Mahatma Gandhi about Truth. It reflects my challenges with being honest with myself and others. "Why does someone hesitate, who knows… Continue reading Being honest and truthful to yourself and others