Becoming the wisest myself

A big chunk I am working the past days on myself is, why have I lived my life how I did. Why have I taken big decisions, which were the reasons and importantly: with no regrets.

For example: with 16, I had to decide after finishing “pre high school” between the following fields: Engineering, Economy or Social type of education. Those would be also the decisions for my major in college (at that time, it never came to my mind that I still could do what i want).
So, I choose Engineering and then, if I will be accepted, study a field of engineering.


  • I could earn a degree in a field which usually has a high demand
  • I would earn enough money to buy things etc
  • I had a decent interest in engineering (I felt always in the wrong place when fellow students talked all the time about cars because I never had really the interest in them, thats why I also choose aviation engineering)
  • My big brother studied aviation engineering
  • I would live in a big city (Munich), live the city life, party, consumer (things) etc.

Still, it is hard to recall all the thoughts/feelings but those were the main ones but more and less, i choose it out of reasons which were taught me by society. Job, Safety, Money, House, Car and more Things

But I see in that still a way, which is not wrong because it lead me to where I am now and to the person I am right now in this moment. Reflecting the past, learning from it in the present and to use what I learned in the future. This will help me, to select my paths I am taking.

“And so we return, once again, to the essential question: How do we select a path through life? Which turns should we take? To what end?
To be able that questions, deftly and with foresight, is what we mean when we say someone is wise. Wisdom, not intelligence, not cleverness, not even moral goddess, but wisdom is what guides us through the unknown. Perhaps the word wisdom sounds horas to your ear. (Indeed, it does to mine)”

From “On trails” by Robert Moor Page 329

There is never an end to achieve wisdom. There is no measure, no rating, not the wisest person but there is the wisest yourself, which you can by learning constantly being aware of yourself.

Having read the book, I also found this piece about ancient wisdom. When talking about wisdom, the stoics were a group of people, who are mostly know for it. On this link above, you will find for example this:

“What the Stoics are saying is so much of what worries us are things that we have no control over. If I’m doing something tomorrow and I’m worried about it raining and ruining it, no amount of me stressing about it is going to change whether it rains or not. The Stoics are saying, “Not only are you going to be happier if you can make the distinction between what you can change and can’t change but if you focus your energy exclusively on what you can change, you’re going to be a lot more productive and effective as well.”

A lot what I read on this piece is already what I practice in my daily mediations. Looking forward to the day, reflecting what happened and being grateful (this Christmas, I gave all of my family a gratitude dairy as an additional present). Those are just short but meaningful practices, which helped me becoming more aware of my life and, for now, the wisest myself.


I am back! Update of my life and plans with this blog

Hello everybody,

after finally finding a new job, I moved to Switzerland and live next to the mountains. Beside the job, it was my wish to be closer to the Alps, after realizing I don’t have to travel 1000 of miles to have beautiful trails, views and those peaceful moments in nature.
Since I am working full time, my free time to explore is of course not as much as when I was traveling but I want to share some trails, hikes, thoughts on a weekly schedule.
I am also planning to ad a new topic to my blog, “taste of nature”, a collection of my favorite and sometimes self created plant based recipes. And yes, I wrote plant based.
As you might have noticed, i gained quite a lot of weight on the first months and I was kinda shocked. I do have some metabolism issues (thyroid in particular) but I realized (also due to research) that the high consumption of processed and animal food had a big share on that (I lost weight again after eating more whole foods while hiking).
I probably need more time, but I also share some of my research in the web about that topic but for now I present you some tasty, healthy and nutritious recipes.

This week I share you my note I posted on facebook yesterday. Its about how I found out for myself, that routine is not always a bad thing.

When I decided two years ago to quit my current job and go on a trip around the world, I also wanted to get out of the daily routine. I didn’t want to do the same thing every day, having no new “experience”.
during my time in Aus / NZL, I definitely had no routine. Once I decided to go on a hike, 1 week i was volunteering, working, then hiking again. I did what came to my mind and what I wanted to do.
From this “free” way of living, I am then immediately plunged into a certain kind of routine: walking every day. Every day, packing my pack, walk, check how much water I need, how much food is left, set up my tent, sleep. like every day going to your job, work and go home again.
What made the difference is the change of my surrounding. Almost every day I met new people, had a different landscape, a new place to resupply. This variety helped not to get “bored”. Nevertheless, I took a few days off after 2 months to break this routine.
I needed a bit longer to realize for me that the head and the mind are playing a decisive role. That you alone, by your attitude and thoughts you experience each situation differently. AND that routine is not always a bad thing.

Yesterday was for me again such a day, where the right mixture of routine, free time to do what I want and my “mindset” were simply in the right line.
Saturday morning my positive routine is: get up as during the week, drink 1L of water + Limits + pinch of salt to compensate for the loss of water during the night, drink my coffee and head ride my bike to the farmers market. At various booths I fill my 60L backpack with all sorts of healthy foods (vegetables, fruit, herbs), talk a bit with the farmers and I head back home again. Then it is time for a healthy breakfast on my balcony.

Every Saturday the same, but it has a positive effect on me, my body and my mind.
Now ask you: Do you have a positive routine? Something that helps you relax or what you are always looking forward to?