Being honest and truthful to yourself and others

Before we can be honest with others, we have to be honest with ourselves. How can we say the truth, if we don't know the truth WITHIN US? Id like to begin with a quote from Mahatma Gandhi about Truth. It reflects my challenges with being honest with myself and others. "Why does someone hesitate, who knows… Continue reading Being honest and truthful to yourself and others


Chaos and Order within the creative act

In the my post about “Time” last week, I reflected what time means to me and how my awareness of time enlightens my daily life.   Since I am going by train to visit my family, I remind myself how grateful I am for that time. I can find my peace, solitude and concentration to… Continue reading Chaos and Order within the creative act

Becoming the wisest myself

A big chunk I am working the past days on myself is, why have I lived my life how I did. Why have I taken big decisions, which were the reasons and importantly: with no regrets. For example: with 16, I had to decide after finishing "pre high school" between the following fields: Engineering, Economy… Continue reading Becoming the wisest myself