Day 62-66: The Sierras Part 3

Day 62 - Wednesday 6/22 I woke up and wasn't in my tent and could not remember how to get here... Just kidding 😀 I had dinner with Bliss, Jack and Hobbit and planned to catch the last bus back to Red Meadows where I set up my tent. I haven't really checked the schedule… Continue reading Day 62-66: The Sierras Part 3


Day 52-61: The Sierras Part 2

Day 52 - Sunday 6/12 Well, I did stayed one more night in Bishop 🙂 and I guess I spent most of my day in that cozy cafe, Looney Bean. It had everything I needed: great coffee, chill music and comfortable sofas.  The first two nights I spent at a hostel which was pretty cool… Continue reading Day 52-61: The Sierras Part 2