Day 21-26: State Forest, CA State Route 2 and my achilles tendon

Day 21: It was the first night sleeping alone in a big bed (Big bear I shared it with Frankenstein), I had a really good sleep. I saw Kathy in the morning again and told her that there is another hiker sleeping outside in the van. Just short after that she came inside and introduced… Continue reading Day 21-26: State Forest, CA State Route 2 and my achilles tendon

Day 20: Wrightwood, favourite town so far

Day 20: With the stars still shining in the sky, I left the campsite early morning. Its going to be a really warm day, so I wanted to get up the mountain when its cool and walk truth the pine tree forrest during the day. On the way up the sun rose up and gave… Continue reading Day 20: Wrightwood, favourite town so far

Day 15-19: Snow, hail, +30mile and Subway

Day 15: The body adepts really fast to a routine and I got up around 5am without an alarm. Either I am not exhausted like the others or my body is stupid but everybody was still sleeping 😀 After a free breakfast (Bagels, cream and avocado which I bought the day before) I decided to pack… Continue reading Day 15-19: Snow, hail, +30mile and Subway