Traveling open-minded to avoid cultural bias

In the end, it is not about what differentiates us from others, it's about what we share and have in common. That is love, compassion and the joy of living.


Following my nature path

I'd like to share you a topic I have been discussing with many people which I have met during my time in India. I go first back to May this year, as I was taking 10 days off to hike in Basque Country. After two difficult months were I had retreated deep into my self,… Continue reading Following my nature path

Busy streets at night

Lights from all sides shadow dancing on the ground Squeezing my eyes Holding my breath Trying to feel myself. Sound distracting my mind One asking for taxi A honk from behind Dog barking in the alley the need to escape. Entering a coffee shop Nobody's inside except smooth sounds and smell of tea Soft lights… Continue reading Busy streets at night

Confidence is in your heart

Today started week two of three of my yoga teacher training. As I was preparing/meditating for the morning class, one thought came into my mind. That I don’t have to think about my self-confidence in my mind, because it has been and always is in my heart.  Yesterday was our day off. I met a… Continue reading Confidence is in your heart