Chinmay Yoga – 200hrs Yoga TTC

This page is about to my experience and review of my 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training at  Chinmay Yoga in November 2018. I heard first about this school on another Blog, so I wanted to help to spread what they do and their name.

Notice: Chinmay Yoga does not want to pay companies for their position on their platforms, so they believe in the reviews from their students. You are free to leave your review. In case you do on several sites, you even get free laundry service and on free massage. It is important to know, since at the end we were asked (in the Indian way) to do the reviews and few were felt forced. I am sharing my experience because I deeply believe in their way of running the school and hope more will follow to make it more affoerdable for everyone. In acient indian culture, the teachnings of yoga were free and embended in the education system. Maybe that will be the case again some day.

Why I choose Dharamshala and Chinmay Yoga:

  • A certified 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training in multi-style, to learn about the different facets of Yoga
  • To gain a good and basic understanding about the philosophy and to get deeper into the practice
  • A course with not too many students. In November we were 9 Students and the December Class was only 5 students.
  • Chinmay Yoga is all about learning you the true essence of Yoga and make everything that during your stay you deeply get this experience
  • A Non-Profit, the price includes all the costs for the accommodation, food, and highly qualified teachers
  • No fancy and luxurious housing since I like things simple and I want going there to learn about Yoga and not for vacation.
  • Authenticity. Hard to find but with independent blogs and recommendations I found, I was pretty sure to have found the right place.
  • Being in the north of India, close to the mountains and Tibetan culture (McLeod Ganj is the exile home of his Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

My thoughts after a month:

I took some time until writing about my time at Chinmay Yoga. The days after the class was of course very emotional. Students, who became my friends were leaving, we received our certification, I was able to introduce the new students to the school and area. Now, back home I still have the great memory and distance to write a true and honest review:

If all the points above are already making you interested in taking a course at Chinmay Yoga, I can tell you, you will be even happier to have chosen this school afterward. There are of course some little points which could be improved, but those are minor and not comparable with the amazing experience you will have.

Before the Course:

As I signed up for the course, the contact with the person responsible for the online stuff was quick and friendly. Later at the course, we all met the guy behind all the answers, Arth and he is a friendly and forthcoming guy. He even joined on class in his boxers, since had no shorts :D. I received a detailed PDF with the confirmation and a reminder all a week before arriving.

Arriving and Rooms:

Getting to the school was easy, the cab ride as mentioned was around 900 INR from the Airport. If you have the time, it might be cheaper to fly to Dheli and take an overnight bus (sleeper class) to Dharamshala. Walking from the drop of to the school I got happier by getting away from the street and more into the forest. The house (Forrest Hill Residency) and my home for the next 4 weeks is beautifully laid in the upper area of Baghsu, along trails to waterfalls and great climbs.

Usually, there is always someone in the house and will directly show you around the house and your rooms. I stayed in a shared room with one other student. The rooms are higher than Indian standard with AC/heater, bathroom with hot water and normal beds.

Yoga course (Asana, Art of Teaching and Meditation)

We had one teacher for the practical part.

  • Asana classes: 2x 2hrs, either Hatha, Astanga, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga
  • Art of teaching (my favorite class where we learn how to present, adjust students and fundamentals of being a teacher)
  • meditations (since I have already my own meditation practice, I skipped this part and it was totally fine. For beginners it is a good way to learn about other techniques)

I was really happy with our teachers, who is forthcoming and making you practice in the right way. He is direct and tells you immediately if you do something wrong, but also acknowledge when you work hard and right. His way of teaching was great for Yoga. Regarding the meditations, I have the opinion someone should have more practice, since even he himself said, he does not practice it. Meditation can have an intense effect on someone and more experience is more beneficial and safer for the students.

Anatomy and Philosophy:

Those two lecture topics are coffered daily each one hour by a doctor who is just amazing. She has a lovely way to interact with the students, knows the topic very well and has always a smile. She also offered us a private consultation after the class which I took due to one health issue and I am happy with the feedback.


A very big plus point, since we got 3 meals weekdays and breakfast/lunch on Saturday. The meals are very nutritious, fresh, local, organic and vegetarian/vegan. They take care to not go to crazy with spices in the beginning, since westerners stomachs have to get used to Indian food. They don’t want you to get any issues so you can focus every day on the practice. Many veggies are planted in the garden or in pots and the manager wants someday to be as self-supported as possible. On Sundays/holidays we were invited to cook together and once in a while we had a special meal and even some sweets 🙂

Final thoughts:

I could have learned all of the teachings at any schools and I am sure they are as good or even some better then Chinmay Yoga. But yoga isn’t just about the teachings, it is what you experience for yourself and from the environment. Being in the mountains, away from to much society, supporting a new form of school, welcomed by the manager and his family with an open heart to their home, their hospitality and the personality of the teachers and staff made it altogether an unique and amazing experience. Living respectfully and happily with others, get to know yourself and understand the essence of Yog(a) (it is actually pronounced without the “a” 🙂

House in the Forest, home for a month
Souls from all over the world, sharing on goal

Clear cold nights, moon hides behind the mountain
Stars like christmas lights, peace all around

Saluting the sun, Hyperextending your knees
breakfast fueling the body, taste of nature

Philosophy of Yoga, Love is love
many souls one spirit, Chanti Chanti

The art of teachning, be aware, be honest
becoming a teacher, always being a student

Sweat on the mat, heart is beating fast
puhsing to new limits, body and mind

End of day, sharing food and joy
Finding rest, Waking up, Namaskar

Time goes slow then fast, see you again!
New self, new firends, Chinmay in my heart.